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Friday, July 11, 2008

I'm in training for the marathon, right. I'm feeling really great and quite frankly, I'm feeling stronger than I have in years! Last night was yoga night. (Another perk at the job!) All during my pregnancy, I did yoga every Thursday. During that time, I was placed in the "baby zone" to concentrate on my breathing and relaxing techniques. When all of my co-workers were doing handstands, shoulder stands, backbends, and such, I'd be in the corner on my back with my eyes shut sending positive energy to my baby amidst the grunts and groans and moans.

Last night, we were supposed to focus solely on our hamstrings. Open up those leg muscles and get 'em activated. Surprisingly, I was a lot more flexible than I thought I'd be. I've been REALLY tight lately with all of the running, so I was certain that I wouldn't be able to do the basic poses. Next up, were handstands. I hadn't done a handstand in FOREVER! I was incredibly nervous that something catastrophic would happen: I'd kick the instructor in the face as I donkey-kicked up to the wall, I'd embarrassingly pass gas since I'd devoured nearly an ENTIRE plate of broccoli at lunch (seriously, what is up with all of the cruciferous veggies on yoga day???), or worst of all, I wouldn't be strong enough to get up! I was last to go in the group. When I was on all fours, I focused all of my energy into my hands and wrist. I hoped with all my might that I'd be able to get up easily and stay up. It's much different getting up when you have to kick up as opposed to falling forward from standing position. Anyway, he said, "now donkey-kick!" Not really understanding the mechanic of what he was talking about, I just kicked my leg up with lots of power and he grabbed it! I WAS UP! Arms shaky, blood rushing to my head, but there I was, inverted and I could feel all of my jiggly bits being furiously pulled by gravity! You would think I would concentrate on my breathing or focusing to stay up. No, all I could think of was, man, I seriously need to lose some of this fat in my belly! LOL!! I stayed up and then came time to come out of the pose. Everyone else in the group had come out of it with large thuds. This was something I was certain I could do! One leg gracefully fell down, lightly touching the ground, feet pointed, followed by the next. "Graceful!" "Wow, very light!" "Good job!" Even the instructor was impressed that I completed the pose like that. See...again with the falling! :) I can fall in style! Seriously, though, my sister and I used to do handstands all the time. Walking around the house on our hands was fun and we would try to come out of them quietly. Why? Well, we weren't supposed to be walking around the house (especially the hallway) on our hands since kicking over one of the family pictures and breaking the glass. I say "we" but it was clumsy ol' me who broke it, but my sister refused to let me take the heat alone on that one. -->Love my big sister for that!<-- Anyway, so that was yoga night. He warned us that our hamstrings would be sore. Actually, they weren't sore, but my shoulders were! Holy cow! Oh and on the second time around, I actually got up several times. I think I need to practice more handstands to build up the strength in my wrist. I would like to get to the point where I'm like that woman in the photo.

Anyway, the title of this post is fundraising. Yes, I need to raise funds for my cause (the race). This is a first note to prepare you for what's to come. They haven't set up the web site yet, so that's why I haven't officially plead my case. Anyway, here are two ideas to get you thinking in the event you can help me:
  1. Date Night - I hope to have a date night maybe twice a month for parents who need to get out for a few hours. For a minimum of $25 donation, I will watch your child for 3 to 4 hours. As a parent, I understand the importance of making time for you and your significant other. My husband has graciously offered to help, so we'll open our home to those interested. I'll let you know of the dates!

  2. Photo Sessions - For a minimum of $50 donation, you will receive a photo session within 25 miles of where I live. You get a shared copyright of the images, a CD with the Hi-Res images so you can take them to get copied, and my undying thanks and gratitude.

There will be more ideas to come, but that's what's on the radar for now. Are these good ideas? Would this be something you'd be interested in?

For those of you interested in learning more about Robin Hood (the charity for which I'm raising funds) you can click here.


The Steinman Squad said...

Girl! Those are GREAT ideas. I love both ideas. May have to take you up on the date night offer!

dianthe said...

i know that when Sydney is walking on her hands through the house, i will certainly fuss at her - but secretly i will smile because it will be the same thing i did at her age!

let me know when it's Date Night/Picture time - i'm definitely in!!

Mari is such a cutie!!!

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