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Monday, July 7, 2008

This weekend was fabulous! It was jam packed with everything and nothing. Thursday, when I left work I met up with some co-workers for bowling and arcade games at Main Event. It was a lot of fun, but I had to leave to meet up with one of my besties who'd just had a baby of her own. I left my beloved there so he could have a guys night and some "me" time.

I ran by and picked up Subway and headed on over to her place. It was fun just hanging out and relaxing. It was kinda surreal to be there, she and I with our babies. This is the natural order to things and it felt really, really good! I missed hanging out with her and this was a good opportunity for she and I to catch up and chat. I attempted to impart some of the mommy wisdom that I've acquired in the past 5 months.

Then, on Friday, we mulled around. We got up lazily and Mari let us sleep in until 8. We were supposed to meet up with my parents for breakfast. They were on their way to a family reunion that we'd bailed on at the last minute. It was in Houston and outside and Mari doesn't like it humid or hot. Two things I was certain it would be, so we opted out and instead chose to stay home. We did, however, get to meet up with my mom, dad, aunt, and sister for breakfast. it was yummy! Afterwards, we headed home. Don needed a nap. I figured Mari would nap too, but nope, she was wide awake. I was getting antsy and Don was still sleeping, so I dressed myself and Mari for the heat and we headed on out to go shopping. There's a shopping center near us and I just figured I could walk it. I planned on hitting up Old Navy and Hallmark. Maybe even DSW if I'm feeling up for it, but probably not. Anyway, it was HOT!!! Poor baby. Glad I took the big stroller with the extra big shade. Luckily, there was a slight breeze and that made it ok. When we got in, I found a few things that I liked. More importantly, I found some layering tanks! I've been needing some more! They also had these fun red sateen ballet flats, so that made me REALLY happy. I checked out and walked up to DSW. Mari was still hot, so I paused and gave her some water. That seemed to appease her and we left DSW and headed to Hallmark. I was in there for a while picking up a gift for a birthday party we were going to be attending on Saturday. Then, we left and headed home.

On my way home, I noticed this man resting under the shade. On our way to the shops, I'd crossed him and so he'd been out there in the heat for about an hour. I stopped and asked him if needed some cold water. He turned down his portable radio and said "No thanks." He was a friendly sort of guy, wearing a white shirt that was kinda dirty with ripped sleeves and cut off denim shorts. He also had on white tube socks with old, old sneakers. His hair was a mess. His hands weathered and his skin a shade that is only attained by years of working in the hot, hot sun. He looked at me and smiled and just said, "I wish that bus would hurry up! It's hot out here." I asked him again if he needed anything and he said he was fine. So Mari and I trudged along for another block before we made it back home. Ahhh...air conditioning! I was so thankful and all I could think of was that man. Poor guy.

An hour later, we were home and that was good! Cousin Simon and Stacy came by for a late lunch...Boston Market (yes, I know, we're addicted!). We watched the first episodes of Big Love while we munched on lunch. It was good. I wasn't trying to get involved in another series, but with all of the shows I like either being cancelled or on a break until the next round of DVDs come out, I had to watch something. Sure, sure, I don't have much time with an infant, but it is still good to zone out once in a while. I'd heard good things about this show, so I figured, 'eh, why not. So far it's fun! We lazied around laughing and enjoying the show until it was time for us to go to our friends for dinner. Mmmmm...dinner! Smoked ribs and chicken, with purple cabbage salad and jalapeno grits. Seriously, it was amazing! We had such a great time, and I was even able to sneak a peek at some fireworks in the distance.

Later on that night, Brother arrived and shortly after he got there I hit the sack! I was exhasted!!!!! I got up again, around 8. I really wanted to go for my big run, but the jogging stroller was broken. Mari was wide eyed awake and I wanted to take her with me so Don could sleep. Well, no luck! Instead he got up to work on the lawn, so Mari and I headed on over to Kroger. (1) I went there with the sole intent of picking up jello to make jello shots for the party that evening. I get home and I have meat for grilling on Sunday, cream cheese, and other essentials, but no jello! Nice. By the time I got home, Brother was ready, so we unloaded everything, and loaded Mari up to go to the store so he could pick up some shorts to wear since he'd only brought one pair. On our way out, my sister calls to say she's right around the corner, so I turn around and we pick her up and head to Kohls. Brother found some shorts and a couple of shirts, and then we headed back to Kroger so I could get some Jello. (2) While there, we went ahead and got some chocolate milk too! We rested for a little bit and I made us some lunch and also the jello shots. Then it was nap time! Woohoo! Just a power nap, though. Then we were up and headed on to the Allen outlet malls. I bought a fanny pack (yeah, don't laugh) so I could carry my water and other bits of pertinent information while running. It's pretty sweet! It took everything in me to resist the urge to buy a Coach bag. Despite it being more than 50% off, it was still over $200, and I couldn't justify it. I didn't "need" a purse that nice and it is no longer the birthday month. I walked away. ::sigh:: Anyway, we get home and get cleaned up for the party! Only to realize that Brother wanted some beer, Sister wanted to pick up a gift, and I had a hankering for Spumante. So off to Kroger again (3)! Yes, 3 times in one day! LOL.

We had a delightful time at the birthday party hanging out with friends! Mari and I were even lucky to have a picture together. Poor baby is teething something fierce. I know she'll be happy when those teeth break through. And sure enough, she's on all 4s ready to crawl. She's graduated from bulldozing to wheelbarrow! It was so cute. And even when she was fussing from the tooth pain, she was still really pleasant. I'm so glad that we can take her places and she gets along well with everyone. We are very lucky to have a such a social and happy baby! That night at the party she was the entertainment. Everyone just watched her do her little bounce-rollover thing in eager anticipation that she'd crawl. Nope, still not ready!

The next day I got up around 8:30 and felt COMPLETELY energized!! I got dressed and quietly tried to leave before waking Mari. No such luck, but that's ok. I took time to nurse her and play with her before resting her next to Don. I HAD to get my run in! I laced up my sneakers and figured I had about an hour before my parents showed up on the return trip from the family reunion. I headed out and 40 minutes and 4 miles later, I got home. I was actually ready to make a 2nd lap to go for at least another 2 miles when I noticed that my parents were already there. Two things that excited me about my run: I broke that elusive 10 minute mile. 9:42!! Yes! While that was on mile 1, I still finished the entire run average with right at 10 and a half minute miles. Even better though, was that on the last quarter mile, I rounded the corner to see this other woman running. I set a goal to catch her. Halfway down I did! I caught her and past her and I felt great. That was right at the moment I was going to make that turn for another few miles, but decided against it. Despite using all of that energy, I still had it in me to keep going and I felt strong. This gave me hope that next weekends' 10 miler isn't going to cripple me!
I got home and greeted everyone and cleaned up for church. It was nice that we ran into a sweet couple that we'd met a few weeks earlier. I made a mental note to be sure to attend the mass where their daughter will be baptized later on in the month. We headed home and started cooking. Chopping, prepping, marinating, galore! It was awesome. We were also celebrating my sister's birthday, but she didn't know it! I'd had this Sprinkles Red Velvet cupcake mix for a while and figured I'd go ahead and try the recipe. I'm so glad I did. Those cupcakes were DIVINE!!! I think everyone liked them too! She was surprised when we sang to her and saw that the cupcakes were for her. It made me feel good that everyone was there to be able to sing Happy Birthday to her. I did, however, feel bad that the candles were those trick candles. Totally not intentional. I just pulled out some candles that were in our candle drawer. Ooopsie!
Monday we said goodbye to the big TV. Cousin Simon came and took it to his new place. We were so happy we were able to test drive the television before he opted to buy it. We may get one around Christmas. See, I say that now, knowing full well that football season is right around the corner. I just need to somehow figure out a way to rig up the HD receiver to our big computer monitor and I can watch it there. It is HD and the new machine is TV compatible. Like I said, I just need to sit down and figure it all out. Since we had no TV, we opted to go for a run. Monday is supposed to be my off day, but since I bailed on Thursday and Saturday, I figured I needed to do something. I figured a quick 2-miler. And guess what! I nearly broke the 9 minute pace!!! I completed the entire thing in 18 minutes and that was because I had to pause for a drink of water. (yeah, i'm not skilled at drinking and running...learned that lesson) I was so stoked!! Now we'll have to see if that pace can stick for tomorrow's early, early morning run!
Wish me luck. Happy week to you all!

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