San Diego Zoo and Lost in La Posta

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

After training today, we headed on over to the world famous San Diego Zoo. I'd not been there since I was about 9 years old, so this was quite a treat! It was a weird feeling walking through the gates remembering bits and pieces of it. I wanted to go and see the koala bears, but we didn't get to make it. I was excited, however, that I remember the flamingos and sure enough, they were still there at the entrance like they'd been so long ago. It had me wondering how long a flamingo lived. It was a day of daring feats for me. I went to visit the gorilla area. Years before, I'd been terrified that it was going to grab me and take me away. Some of it probably could've been attributed to my sister telling me that they were going to kidnap me and keep me. There I go again, taking things too literally.
I had the most fun while we were walking through the aviary areas. I loved being inside these ginormous bird cages and didn't at all feel like they were going to attack me like they do in a really bad B movie. Plus, my camera cooperated the best at that time because it loved the lighting! I did too! I found a ledge to balance it on and posed our little group, set the timer, and took a self portrait. I'm certain we probably could've found someone to snap our photo, but I do enjoy playing with the timer function!
Anyway, to get from one end of the park to the other, you could ride these sky gondolas. We'd paid extra for a premium ticket which included it in the price, so I figured why not. I'll do my very best to not pee on myself for being a 'fraidy-cat of heights. I preoccupied myself with my camera and snapping pictures so I wouldn't focus on looking down. It was quite a sight to see everything from high up and I did muster up enough courage to be daring enough to actually look down and not through my camera lens. It was spectacular.

Anyway, I enjoyed every minute of it and even though I was totally and completely exhausted, I was on such a high from the whole day. Afterwards, we went to this quaint little taco stand out in Hillcrest. I was in awe by how hopping that area of town was. There were so many colorful people walking the streets, and why wouldn't they? It was absolutely gorgeous outside. I was immediately struck by the diversity of people: young and old, gay and straight, hippie and yuppie, high falutin' and homeless, and black-white-brown-all the colors in between. And the food! OMG...ridiculously delicious and inexpensive. Don and I were prepared to eat a decent meal for $20. We weren't, however, prepared to eat ourselves into a mexican food coma. Whoa! Mari caught the fever and devoured about half an avocado's worth of guacamole! LOL. She's such a good eater, just like her father.
Anyway, that was our first full day in San Diego.

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