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Monday, July 21, 2008

I got up relatively early considering the marathon of a day I had. I was up and at 'em by 8. I made myself some cereal, uploaded pictures from the previous day, then put on Big Love to watch while Don and Mari slept. Guapo and I cuddled while I caught up on the episode that I'd fallen asleep on. I hadn't missed much. Then, Don awoke and we watched the last episode on that DVD. We had to pause it intermittently because Mari was fussing. I finally just said, you know what, we're going to give her the gripe water and prune juice. I was really getting worried!

I'd even taught Don the "sana, sana" song with the hopes that if both of us rubbed her belly while saying "sana, sana, colita de rana" she'd feel better. After the prune juice bottle, she was still hungry, so Don made her a small formula bottle. (I couldn't nurse her since I'd was out of milk from the earlier feeding.) Right before he fed it to her, he said, "Now if I give you this, you're gonna have to promise you're going to poop." She let out a classic Mari giggle and reached for the bottle. Moments after finishing it, we heard a grumbling going on in her diaper and we both looked at each other then down at her. I haven't been happier about poop in my life! We waited until she was finished, put the show on pause, and decided it best if it were a tandem changing effort. OMG...this was the first time that I'd actually gagged from her diaper. Wow! No seriously, wow! I just unsnapped the G Diaper liner and tossed the ENTIRE thing. No cleaning necessary because it was B-A-D!! ha ha ha...we asked for it, right? We went back to finish the show and realized that we were already 10 minutes late for mass! Dangit! So we made plans to go at 5PM. Mari was about to doze off, so I checked movie times and we flew to the movie theater to catch the 11:40 showing of The Dark Knight.
We show up and they are sold out! Man!! But she did say that they were seating for the 12:50 showing. We opted to risk it. We knew it was a 2.5 hour movie, and it was just under an hour before it would start. Who knows, though, maybe she'll sleep through a lot of it. We had a few bottles, regardless, so that's ok. Yes, yes, we're THOSE parents. Whatever. We sat in the back near the exit and we even had our own personal nook to stand up and bounce with her. She did surprisingly well. She woke up as the movie started (wouldn't you know it!). We gave her a bottle and Don rocked her back to sleep. She stayed fast asleep for about another half an hour before she was up again. We bounced some more and she seemed to enjoy the movie. Everything was fine until the loud explosion noises. This time, I left the theater to console her. After 5 minutes she was back to regular Mari, and I went back in. I wasn't feeling bad, because this man behind us kept sawing logs something fierce. Seriously, dude? My kid is crying and has the excuse of being a baby, what about you? This is NOT a movie where you would fall asleep! Wow. Anyway, she did shriek at the sight of one of the characters. A part of me winced when I saw the make-up job. It freaked me out a bit too! I just held her tight and realized that she is well aware of what is going on. Moments later, she was fighting me to look back at the screen because she wanted to know what was going to happen. We let her gnaw on some pizza crust (we went to Studio Movie Grill for the showing too). Shortly after that, she was back to being asleep. We finished the movie up and she got up when we were packing her back into the carrier.
As far as the movie, wow. It is incredible. It was 2.5 hours long of eye candy buffet. I-N-C-R-E-D-I-B-L-E!!! Go see it now! I want to go to the DLP theater and watch it all over again. I hate that Heath Ledger did such an amazing job and he won't be doing any more films. There was a great deal of sadness when I would think of that. Anyway, if you like action and the psychology of how characters develop, then this is a great film!
And when we got home, we were welcomed by another poopy diaper. This time, we gave her a full on bath in her little bathtub and she actually liked it! We scrubbed her nice and clean. I love the way she smells after a bath.
Oh and I forgot to mention that she's been so active lately and she's so strong that she's managed to escape out of her little play area. The wall is about 6 inches high, but that doesn't stop her. She knows how to crawl over things and climb about. This little one is definitely a mover!
Anyway, we missed the 5PM mass. I was totally zonked. I guess the weekend caught up with me. Mari was fussy, I was cranky, so Don put us both down and I slept for nearly 2 hours. Mari was asleep for about as long. I got up feeling refreshed! I made dinner, we went for a walk, I burned a couple of photo CDs and then went back to bed. Mari and I were still exhausted after the long weekend, but it was all worth it and fun. I can't wait for the next weekend!

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