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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

THE Zack Arias, originally uploaded by Bianca Sias.
Unless you are a photographer, a professional singer, or someone living in Atlanta, you may not know who this autograph belongs to. For me, this is akin to starting classes that actually apply towards my major...the first steps to graduating from college. Zack Arias is a GENIUS when it comes to light. My husband and I could only dream of attending one of his workshops. Scheduling for us right now just isn't possible. However, he created the OneLight DVD for people like us and for that, we are both eternally grateful!

I purchased the Field Guide as a surprise happy gift for my beloved from our 2nd one in utero. The Sugarbean had given daddy gifts for each trimester. I had yet to come up with anything for the 2nd trimester until I saw the Field Guide. I feared that it would be too complex w/o attending the workshop, but since I have a smart husband, I figured he could make sense of it. Sure enough, he dove right on in and this field guide is hands down one of the best education investments for our little business venture.

Well, he had to one up me and bought the Workshop on DVD to give me as a Christmas gift. When it arrived, I was a thousand kinds of excited. When I flipped it over and saw his autograph, I nearly squealed like a little girl. Yes, pregnant hormones took over and all of a sudden I was teary-eyed at the thought of increasing my knowledge a thousand-fold. It's like I was going to be able to be there at the workshop, only, I could hit rewind when I missed something because let's face it, I always miss something.

It won't be the same because I wouldn't have actually gotten to meet Zack, but this just leaves the door open to someday! :)

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