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Thursday, December 2, 2010

This afternoon, I headed out to this amazing little gem in the Bishop Arts District. I had heard positive things about this place and just needed an excuse to go. Away I went and immediately, I was greeted by a friendly and creative soul. She was tatted up, had a pair of the kindest eyes I'd ever seen on a person, and ever so creatively eccentric I wanted to spend the rest of my afternoon snapping photos, writing, and doing as many creative things as possible. Katherine Clapner is a joy and a genius. I hope I get the chance to go another time with my camera to snap some photos and see if maybe I can interview her for this blog. This lady knows chocolate!

The smell of the chocolate wafting in the air had me floating. But the shop, while bustling with business (chocolate making, merchandise selling, merchandise packing/shipping), was oozing chaos. For an OCD type like myself, immediately, I wanted to reorganize the space. But I pushed all of that aside as soon as I was introduced to the absolute best port truffle I've ever tasted. Something else that struck my fancy, every employee was working. Not standing around talking or entertaining customers. They were working and maintaining composure. Every.Single.One. That's some good business right there.

I browsed through the selections and Tesla was flipping like crazy. We were in for a very special treat indeed! Here is what I sampled and then later purchased:
Chubby Nuts - These were an assorted of nuts with a small dusting of chocolate & powdered sugar on them. I could totally see myself absent-mindedly munching on these tiny yummies as an afternoon snack.

Crack in a Box - I was most excited to try this one out, but when I tasted it, I was disappointed. I expected to want to keep eating it and be addicted to it. Instead, I appreciated it, but realized that this wasn't my favorite. The dark chocolate was prevalent and if you are fan of it (and nuts), then you may like this.
Marzipan Dates - This was like a full on YUMWOW in my mouth. The date was perfect, the marzipan delightful. If I hadn't told myself to keep it in check, I would have bought this and eaten the whole thing before I left the store. Instead, I stayed far away because I knew I wouldn't have the will power.
Port Truffles - I mentioned this before, but seriously, I love truffles. I'm a fan of port. Port Truffles...seriously, freaking genius! I bought some of these for Don and he was a fan. He described them as "very complex, and not blastingly sweet."
C3PO - This is their marshmallow with nuts, coconut, and a bit of chocolate. Again, I nearly bought a bag of these yummies, but I needed a reason to come back, and between this and the the dates, I'll come back.
Albatross - This is fudge with blue cheese and sea salt, so many inspiring flavors that I knew I would have fireworks in my mouth. As I slowly chewed and tasted, I knew, just KNEW that this is something that Primo would love. I hope he does!
Cocoa & Kefirs - I didn't actually try the hot chocolate. But in the next two weeks we will venture out and check out Christmas lights and we'll need some hot chocolate to sip to continue the tradition long ago started by my family. I can't wait to indulge in the hot chocolate with their fresh made marshmallows!
Vincotto - This is by far my absolute most favorite chocolate. I bought a bag of this and it took everything in me to not eat the ENTIRE bag. Do I love figs? Yes. Do I love chocolate? HECK YES! Do I love tiny hints of salty-like caramel? OMG, yes! Seriously, I may have to beg for another trip there soon just to pick up a few more bags. Totally unfair for this pregnant woman. I have found my Kryptonite and I will probably need to go into Vincotto rehab soon. 

Also, I forgot the name, but I tried popcorn infused with Indian curry and something else. It was surprisingly very interesting mix and I was impressed. It wasn't something I would have picked out to eat, but I totally wanted to add some Tabasco drops to it, for whatever reason. Random. Anyway, if you find yourself in that neck of the woods, please, please, please go check them out. You will NOT be disappointed!

**I was not paid or compensated in anyway to write this post. This is merely my opinion and I like sharing yummy goodness when I can. However, if you feel generous and are shopping, I am not opposed to being gifted some free Dude, Sweet Chocolate. :) I hope you enjoy!**

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