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Saturday, December 4, 2010

For three years I've been a loyal customer to Dior's Dior Show mascara. I love it. It is awesome stuff, but I was in the mood to try something new. When I was at Sephora, on the endcap of Sephora's favorites, there was my Dior Show at the top, but not too far from it was this little gem. Three things that struck my fancy:

  1. It was $5 cheaper than Dior Show. 
  2. It had a curling quality built-in. 
  3. It is in this amazing purple croc-like packaging. SASSY! 

After I got home, I discovered that it was dermatologist tested, safe for a contact wearer like me, paraben free (score!), and free from a bunch of other nasty chemicals that aren't great for you. Yes, this is important to me. Dior Show is not free from all of those things. For being $5 less, I do like it. For me, it works. Yes, it clumps a tad bit more, but wow, it does curl! I'm excited to continue using this and this has now opened my world to the possibility of make-up out of my comfort zone. Thanks Mandi for broadening my horizons! You are opening my world to new and colorful possibilities.

Next up is this uber-cute Sailor Striped top from American Apparel. The cuteness factor is further amped up because the Sugarbean exudes cuteness. I'd bought an awesome Groupon for American Apparel, so this was my motivation for the splurge. You can't really tell much, but on the left is the navy baby thermal shirt, which I snagged for Don. Both items are amazingly comfortable and have the traditional craftsmanship of American Apparel. Yes it is more expensive than other places, but I like buying American made products and I have never had issue with their quality. Their pieces are staples in our household and we love them for it!

Finally, remember when I blogged about the catastrophe that was maternity jeans shopping? Well, after seeing Conan rockin' the jeggings, I figured, this guy is working his look (good or bad), so I shouldn't throw in the towel just yet. Enter the 1969 Full panel long and lean jeans:

They were on sale too! These fit, they don't ride or aren't too snug. They stay where they are supposed to and I can actually use the pockets! Thank you Gap for making jeans for me!

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