Dear Tesla...(nearly 6 months)

Monday, December 6, 2010

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I wanted to take some time to write a letter to you that maybe you'll read someday when you are older. I want you to know how very much you are loved even before you make your arrival into our world. Often, I find myself in awe with just how very different you are from your sister. While I don't like the idea of comparing the two of you (because let's face it, I know what it is like to be the 2nd in line), I find myself doing it without thought. Yes, I feel guilty for it, but I'm not comparing to be mean or malicious, it just goes to show how very different you are from your sister. If I never say it, then let me tell you now, it is a delightful thing to know that already you are your very own person, different from your sister indeed, and just as special! And maybe the two of you will be like my own sister and I, we share some physical traits, but our personalities definitely make us the individuals that we are today. Albeit, we are EXTREMELY competitive, but growing up in that household laid the foundation for who we are today: ambitious with a generous helping of never-give-up attitude and everlasting endurance and perseverance. I don't ever want you to feel like you have to fill your sister's shoes. For all I know, she'll be prancing around in a pair of Barbie pink Louboutins and you'll desire a snazzy pair of Vibram Five Fingers or vice versa. Regardless of the choice, I want you to know that we loved you and prayed for you long, long, long before you got here.Because of you, I have a completely renewed sense of hope. And your Daddy, well he is completely and totally over the moon for you! He talks to you every morning, gives you hand hugs throughout the day, and tells you some of the most random things before bed. He can't feel it yet, but every time you hear his voice, you're doing some sort of gymnastics in there letting me know that you are just as eager to meet him too. :)

You must also know that when you come into the world, you already have a bajillion loved ones who have prayed for you too! They are eager to meet you and get to know you as well. You've already received some amazing gifts too, just because you are THAT loved.

With that, I want you to keep on keepin' on. Feel free to keep up your kicking parties at 3AM. I know you are doing it just to let me know you are still there, so thank you for that. Keep doing that amazing rollover in my belly thing every time your sister sneaks to my belly to whisper secrets to you about a place called Chuck E. Cheese and how Nana and Grandfather will take you there with your cousins Zeni and Cristian. It's ok that you like to rest against my back. It hurts, but soon enough, I know things will be too confined in there that you'll be changing up the position. If you could keep it to a minimum, that would be fine by me too.

We love you so much!

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