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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

2 TB External Hard Drive

Funny story about this. We knew we needed to purchase one for Don since he didn't have a dedicated backup hard drive. Also, I'm running dangerously close to maxing mine out, but we figured we could use whichever one we got for my purposes as well. When I saw the ad for Black Friday and that is baby was on sale, I wrote it on "the list" of things to get. When we got to Target, I was rush waddling to the electronics section because, they were already open for an hour, and they very well could be out of them!!! From what it looked like, we were probably the 2nd or 3 person who even picked one up. They still had like 60 more waiting to be bought. Nice.

New Bed!
I think I may have mentioned this before, but wow! No seriously, wow, what a difference this is going to make for us. You have no idea. It isn't like we didn't have a good night's sleep, but I know we are going to have great nights sleep! We got this for a steal. This was a bit before Black Friday and they were having a special sale on mattresses, box springs, and frames. In addition to the sale, we were awarded even more of a discount for some reason or another. AND I found a whopping $5 off coupon that I just know pushed us over the edge in discounts. ha ha!  Even then, I confirmed with the worker that if we found it for less a few days later, they would refund us the difference. We could totally justify the cost of the bed and I can't tell you how giddily excited I am to have it! I hope it is as good as I want it to be too! Once they deliver it (free delivery too!) and we have slept on it for a week, I will review it.

New Bedding
I must say I bought this Thanksgiving night from the Kohl's website. It was on MONSTER sale! Additionally, I scored free shipping and an additional 20% off. High five!!!

That's it. That's what we got ourselves for Christmas. Not too shabby, 'eh? We didn't go gangbusters crazy and I'm legitimately happy with our purchases. Are any of you indulging this Christmas? What were some of the must-have items that were on your list? Oh, and was it just me, but the Black Friday - Cyber Monday sales weren't up to par like they have been in years past. Hmmmm...maybe just me.

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