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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

I have done a photo fundraising sessions and I figured I'd share with you all here. First off, I met up with my friend who is quite skilled at all things yoga. She wanted yoga pictures of all of her incredibly bendy and strong poses and needless to say, I was more than impressed. Not so impressive was my lighting during the shoot. Oh well, I'm still a novice with this photography stuff and what better way to practice, right? This one is probably my favorite "artistic" shot of the day. You can see her flexibility, but I love how her arms, hands, feet, and shoulder make for wonderful windows, THEN the light coming from the doorway and wall sconce give it a dreamy fill. Or maybe that's just the crack I'm smoking.
Next up is this AMAZING family of soon-to-be six. We went out to one of my favorite venues: Prarie Creek Park to grab some photos. Of course, what photo session would be complete without the foot pose, right? Bare feet with jeans and hints of white make for an awesome photo.
Here's the proud family kissing the belly of the soon-to-be born baby B. How sweet. The mom confessed to me that she has a photo like this when she was pregnant with all of her kids. Too adorable! 'eh, and extra kudos to me for attempting to be supermom on this shot. Why, you ask? Well, due to some scheduling conflicts, I had Mari-moo with me and we'd just come straight from a wedding. I'm balancing on top of this park bench, with Mari safely tucked in my left arm, shooting with the Canon with my right arm, wearing one of my fancy black dresses (that oh, by the way, is now covered with baby spit up...who knew that my overpriced silk black dress would make for such an amazing burp rag?)
And lastly, you've probably seen this face on here before. She's a very dear friend of mine and one of my favorite models. She doesn't mind when I happily grab my camera while she poses away. Even better is that she readily takes direction and puts in her own flair. I think her personality really comes through the photos.

Anyway, I'm still available for photo sessions! I'm doing a kid's birthday party on September 6 and another maternity session the week after. Fundraising Update: I'm more than 10% of the way there to meet my goal. I received the first week status update and I was ecstatic to see that number!! Thanks to all of you who have sent something! Your prayers have meant a whole lot and your simple belief in me in this whole process is worth so much! Thank you!

Oh and a running update: I didn't make the full 20 miles on Saturday. However, I did get 15 miles under my belt in the incredibly thick, humid Saturday morning. If it wouldn't've been for the humidity, it actually would've been a nice running day. Surprisingly, the run went by really fast. I'm kicking myself for not being able to go further, though. The neat, thing, though is that I did run for just under 3 hours and that puts my average at 12 minute miles. Not to shabby considering I walked for about 2.5 of the 15 miles. That's especially exciting because my goal is to complete the marathon in under 5 hours, so I'm right on track. I'll be attempting another large run like that in the future. As it stands, though, from here on out, all Saturday runs will be no fewer than 12 miles. I'd like to do 13.1 miles because that would be a half and if I can regularly do those, then I know I'll totally be ready!

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The Steinman Squad said...

These are GREAT pictures. Where's Prairie Creek Park? I'd love to take the girls there to get shots of them in their new tutus.

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