Habitat House Dedication

Saturday, August 2, 2008

I was fortunate enough to be granted the opportunity to speak at the Habitat for Humanity house dedication on behalf of my company (the house that I helped to build the roof). I was really, really nervous, but I do like public speaking so the nerves subsided soon after I agreed to give a speech.

Anyway, on the actual day, we were running late, as usual these days. I was so afraid I was going to miss it all together, but luckily, time decided to tick-tock a little slower and we were right on time! Hooray!

Here's the speech:

Jones Family Dedication – August 2, 2008

Home ownership opens up new doors of responsibility, as well as possibility. As a child, my parents instilled in me a desire to strive higher, constantly building goals for myself so I could live the life they imagined for me. Both of my parents came from
humble beginnings. My father helped his family build their own house when he was
nine. My mother worked equally as hard, not knowing that one day she too would
own a home of her own. My parents have grown to be very successful, but they’ve
never forgotten where they’ve come from. Because of that, they’ve really
encouraged us to give back to the community in any way possible through
philanthropic works. It is equally important to give monetarily as it is to
donate of your time and talent. Many of us here take for granted simple luxuries
like owning a home, owning a car, or not worrying about how we’re going to feed
our kids. I know that my parents experienced such struggles as children and
wanted to work that much harder to provide for a better life for us. I know this
is exactly the same thing Camelia has tried to accomplish for her own children.

As I glance over at the Jones family, I know that they may not remember the exact names of the people who worked to build their home. I, myself, worked hard on the roof simultaneously overcoming my fear of heights; alongside me, worked our CFO Keith Hennington, as well as the Dawson family, ensuring the structural integrity of the home. Many, many others from our organization came out on that hot Texas day to help build your home and to us it was a small price to pay to grant you your lifelong dream.

Today, this dedication is about your family. It is the beginning of your new journey,
where in this very living room, you’ll have many Super Bowl Sundays. Friends and
family gathered around the television cheering on their favorite teams. You will
cook your Thanksgiving meals in your kitchen over there. In the Spring, you’ll
gather around in your backyard enjoying BBQs with friends and family. I know
your home will be filled with an infinite amount of love and laughter.

I look to you and I’m humbled by this experience. I’m grateful that I was able to be a part of something so special. I’m honored to be a part of this dedication ceremony and am grateful that Maverick allowed me to share a few words with you all. Not many people can say they had a direct hand in building their home, but each of you can proudly say you did. Camelia, your children are young enough that they will create many, many happy memories here. One day they will grow up and move away, making lives of their own, but always know that THIS house, your house, will be the one they will forever call their home. I wish you all the best.

Congratulations Jones Family

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The Potts Family said...

Great speech.
You love public speaking? What is wrong with you?? I would have passed out in a panic, cold sweat, and vomited on the new carpet.!

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