Labor Day Weekend

Monday, September 1, 2008


Well, we kicked off Labor Day Weekend with a bang. My fabulous friend (and co-worker extraordinaire) hosted a charity happy hour at her home. She provided all of the booze and some delicious snackies, I pitched in some mini green enchiladas and bean dip. Some of the co-workers swung by and I managed to raise $200 in cash!! This isn't counting the online donations everyone made!! I felt the love and support by all. I had an incredible time and I honestly felt like my goal of $5K would truly be attainable! (knock on wood!! Keep it coming!) I don't have any photos because I forgot the camera on the morning trek on the train that morning. All good, though. No incriminating photos, not like there was any incidence, though. Just a lot of us standing around sharing in fellowship and chatting. I especially enjoyed everyone's company, and those who are non-drinkers, but showed up to eat and sip on the delicious fresh squeezed juices. Mmmm...real cranberry juice is actualy rather tart! LOL

That night, I crashed something fierce! The next morning I woke up late and pushed a fast 2.5 mile run. I didn't get to get my lond run in since we were so far behind schedule. Why the schedule? Well, as it turns out, Don and I decided to head to Lubbock to cheer on my Red Raiders and the 2008 season. Have I told you lately how much I love my husband?? He knows how much of a die hard fan I am and is totally supportive of last minute trips up North out to West Texas. Ahhhhh....So, in our frantic rush to get on the road to make the 6PM game, we forgot to pack my sneakers, my toiletry bag, my pillow/blanket, and our rain gear. Oh well. We pulled into town just before 4. Not too shabby of a time considering. And if we hustled, we could still probably tailgate, but not necessary. We parked in the secret spot and walked to the stadium. I got chills all around and couldn't help but be overly giddy knowing that I was passing down the Tech tradition to our baby.

We're glad we won, but seriously, we are totally spoiled with Tech's offense. I say this because we're accustomed to the quick pass, sometimes long pass, spread offense, designed to move the ball. Our opponent, Eastern Washington, took forever. I do have to give their kicker mad props, though. A large guy, especially for a kicker, he knew what he was doing. He kicked a 55 yard field goal straight into that West Texas wind. No easy task, and he made it look like a breeze with about 10 yards to spare. I hate to say it, but he put our kicker to shame. Man, I miss Trilica! For those of you who haven't been to the Raider Crater (not an official name of the stadium) here's a bit of a look from where we were sitting.

Almost as best as our victory was A&M's defeat. Ha ha ha...

That night, we made a suprise appearance at Dena's Red Carpet Birthday Fiesta.

We didn't stay long due to our sheer, total exhaustion, but nevertheless, we were there so Don could play his first game of beer pong. Victory was his and it was actually exciting to watch! That night, I had a glorious 7 hours of rest before I had to get up for church. We were going to head back to Dallas that evening, but we lingered around to take Dad to a belated birthday early dinner. Don and I both mulled it over and thought it best to wait to leave until Monday since Mari would probably sleep most of the way and we wouldn't get much rest that night. It was best to sleep one night with a good night sleep on the long weekend, instead of spending our Monday off sleeping it all away.

I want on over to Kohls to buy some new sneakers and was so excited to find a pair that I liked. That night, I broke 'em in on a trip to Blockbuster. However, much to our suprise (since Don ran with me) Blockbuster was closed for remodeling. I probably could've run to the one about 5 miles away, but then there would've been the issue to come on back. Instead, we ran back to my folks and loaded up to drive on over to rent some flicks. Let me just say how much I miss running in Lubbock. It is so goshdarn dry out there, but the weather is incredible. It was a nice evening in the 70s and would've been absolutely perfect for running had there not been 50 bajillion-kajillion mosquitoes feeding off my body. Blech...and West Texas mosquitoes literally suck! I don't like them because they tend to produce quarter size itchy welts on my body. Not fun. Oh well, on most days, I'd prefer that over the 80% humidity I regularly face here. Lucky for me, I don't think I'll be experiencing that kind of humidity in NYC in November. I could be wrong, though, hopefully I'm not.

Anyway, we watched some TV and met up with the Lubbock kids for a drink before calling it a night. We came back home and passed out!!

This morning we woke up bright eyed and ready to travel. We had some breakfast, chilled out and watched some TV with the folks and loaded up the car. On my second trip out, I found Don layed out on the asphalt street, in a lazy fetus like position. I didn't know what to think until I saw him doing a hurt-shake dance with his arms and I wanted to fling everything in my arms and race to him. Actually, I flung everything into the back of Lucky and gently petted him. My heart sunk and I just knew he was seriously messed up. I helped him up and he groaned out something about his back. Oh no! An hour and a half later, after he'd taken 2 Aleve, rested on the heating pad, and I massaged some Ben Gay on his back, and we hit the road. I drove the entire way back and Don powered through until we made it back home. We went straight to the ER where he bot a pain killer shot and some Valium. We also left with a prescription for some Vicodin and a note for him to not work tomorrow. Needless today, it was a long weekend and I'm definitely ready to hit the hay. I'm killing some time waiting for Walgreens to fill the RX.

Oh, and Mari is out of control! She is ever so much more demanding for her pureed baby food. She crawls like she's racing, and has so much confidence in her cruising I bought her this:

Seriously, I didn't even get it all the way out of box before she tried to conquer it. I bought it to keep her pre-occupied while tending to Don. She loves to use us as her personal jungle gyms and this would be another activity center to keep her attention. She enjoys feeling the textures and bouncing from one arm to the next. Definitely worth the $20 I paid (it was on sale). I just hate that the walker I totally want is on backorder until mid-September. Even then, it'll take about 4 weeks before it would ship. Blech! By the time we get it, she'll probably be walking already!! We wanted it for our trip to Kansas so we wouldn't have to worry about traveling with baby gates. Oh well! We'll just have to make do.

Anyway, I hope all is well. Take care and I'm off to Walgreens. Good night!

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