Thursday, August 7, 2008

So on Tuesday I was having a not so great day. I was wearing my heart on my sleeve a little too much and got all flustered. I'm a part of a local mommies board and they were having a gathering of sorts at Lush in Northpark. I'd been wanting to go ever since I'd first seen their products ages ago. I'm one of those try-before-you-buy gals, so this was going to be a wonderful opportunity. I've been crazy busy at work this past week, so I didn't think I was going to be able to get away. However, when the time came, I was in some serious need of retail therapy and headed out for a brief mental getaway.

Oh boy did I have so much fun! Ike was the salesperson who explained every little thing to me and I wanted to buy it all. I have incredibly sensitive skin, so I was unsure how I would react to the products. Unlike Bath and Body Works that use some random crazily named chemicals and fragrances (which trigger the allergic reaction in me), Lush uses essential oils which I'm certain I'm not allergic to. Now, if you don't like to be touched or have someone in your personal space, then don't go see Ike at Lush. I normally don't like to be touched by people, but he had such a warm and gentile energy about him, plus, who doesn't like to be pampered! My arms were silky smooth, soft, and feeling oh-so-luscious!! Woo-hoo!

I bought a couple of bath bombs, marathon bubble bar, and split a massage bar & buffy with a friend. It's fantastic!! I left there feeling better and even though I've blown my allowance for the month (yeah, I well aware of what day it is) it was worth it. I'm feeling shiny and brand new.

I used the HARD shampoo bar and was amazed that a bar could get my hair so squeaky clean. The only reason I bought it is because I have a tendency to get a lot of crazy buildup on my scalp (and yes, I scrub the heck out of my hair and scalp). Ike said all of them would work, but really recommended this one since it is a good all-around shampoo. I had to get used to bits of natural things that fell out of the soap like bits of petals and such. Anyway, my head and hair smelled so good! I must admit, I did want to put a little bit of conditioner in my hair because it literally felt stripped of everything, but I resisted. I wanted to see how my hair reacted. I think it liked it. For the first time in a long time, my curls weren't a frizzy mess. I knew I should've grabbed a picture before I ran my curling iron through it. Plus, it wasn't tangly at all. WHAT IS THAT?? No conditioner in my hair and I don't have tangles? I ran to the window to see if pigs were flying...they were not. But wow!

I'm already in love with the massage bar and with Buffy. I feel so fresh and so clean. I can see why people are addicted to this stuff. It actually inspires me to want to make my own stuff. I've already done bath salts, so why not my own bath bombs, right?

Have you tried Lush?

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