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Monday, August 11, 2008

For as long as I can remember, I've been a daring girl. I'm actually quite a bit afraid of many things, but I know I have to dive right on in and conquer my fears.

The Race is Won by Running
When I learned to walk, it wasn't that long after that I was running. I remember running home from school and being so exhilarated when I saw my house. Never mind that I was lugging about 15lbs worth of books (and crayons) and my violin. I started running track in elementary school. I competed in quick sprints and even though I finished last in every race, I wasn't discouraged because my mother would be on the sidelines cheering me on. I could always hear her voice the best and her shrill whistle encouraged me to power on through. I continued to run track in middle school and high school. I loathed that nervous feeling of nausea that would overwhelm me before a race. Often times, I would have to go and excuse myself to a nearby bush just to get that nervousness out of my system. Thanks to my college volleyball coaches, I was further "encouraged" to put in many miles upon miles of (punishment) runs. After I graduated from Tech, I took a volleyball hiatus, but I would continue to run about a mile regularly. Even in my 6th month of pregnancy, I continued to run in quarter mile intervals. Waddle-jog a quarter mile, walk a half mile, waddle-jog another quarter mile, walk a half mile.

Community is About Fellowship
My parents always encouraged us to give back to the community wherever we could. I'll admit, some of those times I was less than enthusiastic to wake up at 6:30AM on a Saturday and miss my morning cartoons, but I do remember that incredible feeling after volunteering. I sang Christmas carols to the elderly and played bingo with them. We would raise money to buy toys for the less fortunate kids. I would go to schools and volunteer to read to kids and help them with reading.

Dreaming Big!
Fast forward many, many decades later and I finally have the chance to make a lifelong dream come true and help people along the way. My 4th highest goal in life was to run in and complete a marathon. After having my daughter, I knew I had the strength within me to achieve just that. Two months after she was born, I ran in a 5K and felt great. I figured, why stop there? So I kept running and many times, she'd be in tow as I pushed her along. Then, the opportunity to run in the NYC marathon came along and I knew I couldn't pass it up. With the strength of YOUR prayers and encouragement, I've been logging plenty of miles in preparation for this race. Now, I need your support to raise the funds (my goal is $5000...yeah, I know that's a lot, but it can be done!) for the charity in which I'm running. You can be directly involved with making my dream come true. On November 2, 2008, I'll be running with Team Maverick as a part of Team Robin Hood. When I cross that finish line, I'll raise my arms high in the air and that feeling of great accomplishment will overwhelm me and in large part because of your contribution.

Please give what you can, and if you can't give anything, I still ask for your prayers and support.Thank you all!

Robin Hood

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Will said...

I will be happy to donate to such worthy cause. I'm proud of you for doing it! Go Bianca!

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