6 Months Already

Thursday, August 7, 2008

6 Months ago, my life changed in so many many more wonderful ways than I ever could have imagined. She's fantastic. I'm a proud parent beaming with pride! I can't believe the feeling I get every single day because of her.

Here are some updates so far:

  1. She's a full-on crawler. Loves to jet around the living room in search of whatever she can get her hands on. She especially loves going after remote controls, cell phones, or anything having to do with electronics.

  2. She's very analytical studying every detail. I know, I know, some of you are thinking that's a lot of hooey, but no really. In new places, she'll stare around at her surroundings taking it all in, surveying each detail before she gets comfortable enough to relax.

  3. We are in the beginning stages of cause and effect. She will drop her toy, I'll pick it up and hand it back to her. She'll do it again and again. I call it mommy fetch. More and more her smile will get bigger until she gets bored with it, which is usually after 4 times.

  4. She really likes to play peek-a-boo. We say, where's Mari, covering her with a blanket, and she'll either yank it off (doesn't happen immediately) or we take it off for her and say, "There she is!" She'll get all squealy with delight.

  5. Right before bedtime, she turns into super duper smiley happy baby. Seriously, we'll have about a 10 minute gigglefest. It's so adorable.

  6. But after the gigglefest is the slight fussiness b/c she's sleepy, but she's fighting it. Lately, though, she's just done about two fusses and she's out.

  7. She's quite the little foodie. I've mentioned that she loves avocado, but she also likes banana too. We've not fed her any food out of a jar, just fresh foods that we would eat.

  8. I first used her baby safe feeder last night and she went gang busters on it. I put in a bit of squash and a very small piece of tomato (minus the seed). I read that I wasn't supposed to feed her tomato yet, but so far no reaction. (Thank God!) She seemed to really like the tomato. There was no reaction to the squash, but the tomato yielded big eyes and the look of a focused mad scientist. (sidenote: have you guys seen Dr. Horrible?? LOL...It is horrible, but I think it is freakin' hilarious!)

  9. She's regularly pulls herself up to stand. Lately, she's been investigating ways to escape from her crib and to climb on top of the couch. Twice, she's let go and just stood there on her own for a couple of quick nanoseconds, only to hold back on for balance and take a step closer to the couch to try to climb after the remotes.

  10. I've had to take down her mobile for this reason. She liked reaching up to grab it, so it is now gone.

  11. She thoroughly loves pushing buttons. She's accidentally turned on the printer, the television, and typed on my computer.

  12. She's quite the little babbler too. She has her very own little language, but I love listening to it.

  13. She is sleeping solidly through the night. She will typically go down at 10 and will fuss for her paci around 5:30AM. I'll give it to her, nurse her around 6:45 - 7 before I head to work, then she'll go back to bed for another half an hour to an hour. Ahhh...I missed sleep. But I'm even more tired now than what I was before when I was only getting sleep in 3 hour intervals (at most), tell me, how does that work??

  14. One of the things I really like (and I'm afraid of too) is when her tiny hands explore my necklaces and bracelets. One of these days, I'm so afraid she'll yank hard and bust up the beads on the necklace. It is for this reason that I do my very best to only wear my silver circle necklace. She likes pulling on that and chewing on it too, which I don't mind.

  15. Her hair is getting longer and I'm putting little bows in it! She's so cute when she's all dressed up.

That's it. Happy 1/2 birthday beautiful, Marisabelle! We'll have some cake later!

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