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Thursday, March 1, 2012

It is no secret that I like looking at pictures and taking them. Visual candy is every bit addictive as is regular candy. Because of this, I'm a fan of The Maternal Lens. While they don't actively blog, there is quite a lot of traffic on their Facebook page.

For the month of March, they are doing a photo a day challenge. In the past, I haven't participated in the 365/366 challenge because, well, it seems like a daunting commitment. I do snap a lot of images, especially with my phone, but not one every single day. However, I am going to attempt to play along. I would say I would bust out my camera and play along, but nope, I'm going to strictly use my phone. I encourage you to do it, too! Wanna join? Check it out!

If you are an Instagram or Twitter user, be sure to use the hashtag, #tmlphotoaday. I am on the Twitter, yaay! (Yes, I know it is just Twitter, but I like to call it THE Twitter, THE Google, THE Internets).

Happy March, y'all! (It's over 80 degrees here today, what-what!?!)

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