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Friday, March 2, 2012

In honor of my girl E's Awkward & Awesome, I elected to participate because I'm not fully prepared to publish my drafted blog (which has been in draft mode for at least a week now. eeek!).


  1. Creeping Around in the Dark: Dropping my credit card in the drive-thru and being paranoid it fell out of the car, so then I was crawling around a strangers truck in search of it while scaring the bejeezus out of the drive-thru worker.
  2. Scared in the Dark: Coming home and realizing the back door was not only unlocked, but inching open. I was alone with my girls searching my house and when I came to the hall bath, and the shower curtain was closed, I was too scared to check behind it. I pretended I was yelling something to my husband, then ran off to grab a knife. Such a 'fraidy cat!
  3. Stiff Neck: Cuddling all night with a baby is awesome, but then when you wake up in the morning after several nights in the same position without proper neck support, you walk around with your head partially tilted to the side and you suddenly become an ambi-turner.
  4. Waxed Figure: While getting waxed, hearing strange men holler and yell immediately outside of where you are getting serviced is a bit unsettling. 
  5. Don't be Flaky: Having to cancel a date night because our sitter and back up sitter weren't available. 
  6. Amorous Dolls: Catching Pierre and Coco (Mari's new Barbie's) kissing quite a bit. I appreciate the love they have, but they need to simmer down. We now have a wedding scheduled for the dolls. This means I need to sew a wedding dress and some dressy board shorts for it. Tell me I'm not the first parent to experience this.
AWESOME...or as I like to think of it, #WINNING
  1. Family Visit: Booking a flight for my Grandmother to come for a visit around Easter. This will be the first time in 15 years that she's made such a big journey. To say I'm ecstatic is an understatement! We will also be celebrating Tesla's 1st birthday that weekend, too!
  2. Vacation Had to Get Away: Getting serious about the travel miles/points game so we can make our second honeymoon to Costa Rica a reality! (also booking our family trip to Michigan for our good friends' wedding in August)
  3. Double Family Date Night: When we couldn't get the sitter, we opted to go out as a family instead. We met up with friends for ice cream and had a grand ol' time!
  4. Mid to high 70 degree weather: iced coffees, runs around the neighborhood, kids playing at the park, & walking into a home that is cooler in temp than it is outside.
  5. Standing Firm: Tesla standing on her very own without assistance. Not just that, but pulling up to standing on her own.
  6. She's Like the Wind: Watching Mari run like the wind on our family jogs. She can run a full on sprint for nearly a quarter mile. For those of you who are runners, she goes at about an 8:15 minute a mile pace for that short burst. 
  7. Boba-Boba-Boba: Actually, this goes out to the Nappy Shoppe and their staff, too. I purchased a new 3G Boba Carrier and it is AWESOME so far! I more detailed review to come, but wow. I'm in love so far. Mari likes it. Tesla likes it. We all think it is mighty nifty.
I'd like to think I had more #winning, but these were the highlights and I don't want to gloat. 

Here's to hoping you all had more awesome than awkward! Cheers!

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E said...

First of all, nice Zoolander reference. Second, love the headings. Third, Costa Rica is amazing!

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