Battleshots–Something to get ready for St. Patrick’s Day

Friday, March 16, 2012

This post will first come with a warning! As with anything be responsible and drink responsibly. Always have a designated driver!

Ok, now that’s been said, battleshots, that’s right. Many of you may have grown up playing the popular game Battleship. If you were fancy, then maybe you had an electronic version of the game. My friend and I were talking about the after party to the birthday party and well, thanks to Pinterest, she said she would come up with our very own set of Battleshots! This is what she used

  • 2 unused pizza boxes
  • Grid Paper (7 columns by 7 rows) – several sheets
  • Markers for the ones that have been chosen (so you can re-use your battleshot set, we used plastic coins)
  • Shot glasses
  • 2 pens – to mark the grids of where you’ve chosen
  • Libation of choice*

She procured everything! Printed off several grid sheets and then she made festive shot glasses using stickers featuring characters from Pirates of the Caribbean. And because she never does things halfway, she also cut out dowel rods with flags and the ol’ Jolly Roger for further enjoyment. Look how pretty our game is!

Our ships were:

  • 4 shots
  • 3 shots
  • 2 shots
  • and the maelstrom (which started out as a brownie for us and later turned into everyone on that side of the table had to take a shot)


  1. I would strongly encourage you to not use American Honey or Tequila as your drink of choice. Stick with beer, champagne, or sparking water. Your liver will thank you later.
  2. If you plan on using your game many times, then try to waterproof your base using clear Contact paper or thin clear sheeting.
  3. Definitely have more than 1 player per team. You can play one-on-one, but it is so much more fun to play larger teams.
  4. Beware of the maelstrom. This guy got us all! Luckily, we started off with forcing everyone to eat a brownie.
  5. If you win, then the other team has to drink what remains. Be sure they are drinking something you like, otherwise, you will be forced to finish what was started.
  6. Diagonal placement was allowed during our game. Be sure you discuss this with the other team in advance lest they get upset at you and accuse you of cheating…even though that’s how you’ve always played and had never heard that you weren’t allowed to. Whatever, this is a drinking game. Everyone is a winner drunk.

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