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Thursday, March 29, 2012

Lucky for me, I have friends who are like minded in our food goals. Wholesome nutrition from as many local sources as possible. Well, that is the goal. Even though we’ve tightened the belt on many things, compromising our diet isn’t one of them. Our food costs have increased, but thanks to things like Bountiful Baskets (and now Jacob’s Reward Farm), we are better able to attain our goals. I happened upon this place when my gal mentioned it to me on my Facebook page. I knew I had to check it out immediately! Free range, local, organic eggs without harsh chemicals where we can build a long lasting relationship with the farmer and chicken.

The farm itself is only a few miles from where I live. It actually takes us about 15 minutes to get there. It always amazes me that I can drive a short distance and feel a world away, a great sense of tranquility, even. I like that. When you first pull up, you notice the sign above. It isn’t a large farm at all, but seeing all of the animals around, I felt very excited. Sure enough, those chickens were free range, totally roaming all around however they felt. They looked happy, if chickens could be happy. Happy chickens, beautiful and tasty eggs!

As you pull up, you will immediately notice this beautiful smiling face. He was so darling and absolutely pleasant. Since I didn’t bring my pen memory, I won’t be able to state any of their names. However, if you do make a visit out there, I’m sure Cindy would me more than happy to tell them to you. What a pretty, pretty baby!!


Look at this sexy hen. Let me just say that I think these chickens watch fashion tv. They knew how to walk, pose, and work their angles. They were happy and fierce!

Just hanging around with the others. They were funny. See the little openings in that fence? I saw them fitting in and out of the gate like nothing. It was so interesting!  


I told you, sexy! We are going to sponsor one for sure! I want to name her Beyonce in honor of the Blogess, although, all of the animals on the farm have biblical names and last I checked, Beyonce wasn’t in the Good Book. Eat your heart out, Tyra! I can smize with the best of them!


We went there for the eggs. We wanted to do a trial run to check out the farm and see if we would like the chickens and eggs. Quite frankly, I don’t know why it even mattered. I’ve never had a relationship with a chicken before, and only one other time in my life have I actually known the owner of the chickens whose eggs we were eating. I couldn’t help but feel like we were investing in something greater than ourselves.
march2012-1Originally, the Sugarbean was a bit hesitant to pet the chickens. I explained to her that it was safe. I reached out my hand and pet the chicken and I guess she was ok, so she requested to pet the wing. You can still see she is still a bit reserved. (and look, the chicken is still posing!!!)

And the eggs? Well, they are gorgeous. Look at this one. They are beautifully and richly colored. Light browns, greens, and pale yellows. Not dyed, naturally colored shells. Interesting.Fantastic


We took them home, cooked them up and they were the yellowest, most flavorful eggs I'd ever eaten!!! This photo is to show you the size of the eggs (extra large!) and the coloring of them. By the way, that wine cork is from Crush, Dreaming Tree wines, my favorite! I'd scrambled up two eggs with cream cheese and they were so light and fluffy. I divided them onto the girls' plates and they gobbled them up. Mari even asked for another with egg juice (over easy) and she happily ate it up. This is why we go through nearly two dozen eggs a week. At brinner (breakfast for dinner), which we have at least once a week, I never cook up less than 7.

Anyway, while there, we roamed the rest of the space and met some new friends. Here’s some freshly sheared sheep. I hear their fleece was pretty spectacular. They told us “Baaaaaaa” as we walked away. I was impressed with how well they know how to say bye! march2012-3 There are also alpacas on the farm. They are sheared and Cindy spins their fibers into gorgeous yarns. There are shareholders for their fiber harvest, so if that is something that interests you, then be on the look out. Oh, and she offers crochet and knitting classes in the little red barn that you see in the first picture. By the way, I totally want a small creative space like that to call my own. Wait, what were we talking about? Oh, right, Alpacas! You need to check out the personalities of these guys. They were a hoot!! march2012-8
This guy was my favorite! Look at that smile! march2012-7 He even came right up to me to say hello.march2012-6
This one kept changing angles of his face. He was working my camera! march2012-5
Anyway, if you live in the area and are interested in the eggs ($4/dozen, $35 for a 10 dozen punch card, $50 to sponsor one with a 10 dozen punch card), yarn, a farm tour, knitting/crochet classes, or summer camp, then you need to check out Jacob’s Reward Farm. Tell Cindy we sent you!

**I was not compensated in any way to write about Jacob’s Reward Farm. I wanted to share the goodness with you because I feel like I found an amazing resource and I want local business to thrive! Go support your local farmer!**

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