My Baby and my BOBA

Monday, March 26, 2012

There are times where my second child, who looks nothing like me, has so much of my personality when I was a child, it’s remarkable. In a public setting, she’s quiet, reserved, and very chill. Case in point…Saturday morning, I had a family photo session out at the Arboretum. She had to accompany me to the shoot. I wasn’t concerned about her running around or being crazy during the shoot because well, I knew as long as she was attached to me, she’d be fine.

Sure enough, as we traipsed around the abundant flowers (and people), we would slink through gardens where I would bend over, kneel, crouch, tip-toe, and even dance. We were out there for a bit over an hour and at the end of it, I handed her a bottle of water and her snack trap filled with crackers and Cheerios. 10 minutes into our commute home and she was passed out.

BOBA Carrier for the win! See how happy she was. My clients even remarked about how quiet she was. She likes the view and seemed to enjoy checking it out. That carrier has already paid for itself.

Felt like making a video blog while walking around so you can see it in action. I'm such a dork!

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