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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Remember when I posted yesterday about the healthy eating and all that? Well, this isn’t going to turn into a foodie blog (even though 65% of my posts are food related). I did want to share a little something with you.

That was my breakfast! At first glance, it looks like green salsa, right? Well, no, it is actually about 6 GINORMOUS (the smallest was at least 8 inches) leaves of chard, 2 apples, 1 pear, 1 cup of OJ. It is 24 ounces of supreme go-juice. It’s hearty and still requires me to chew. I think this mostly has to do with the skins from the apple and pear. It is quite fibrous and tastes like I’m eating an apple. I have found that I can’t look at it because I do get a bit freaked out at all that green. Crasy.
After mentioning the movie from yesterday, I also wanted to talk about my girl Sarah. She has given herself the goal to lose 75lbs lost in 1 year. Guess what, guys, she’s doing it!!!! She is 12 pounds away from her goal!!! I haven’t the adequate words, so I’ll borrow from a friend (sorry for the profanity, but…) SHITBALLS!!! Seriously, that’s hard work, dedication, and effort that needs to be celebrated. She recently did a juice cleanse and after reading first hand of her experience and account, I figured, ‘eh, why not give it a try.
Instead of jumping in full throttle with 100% juice all the time, I opted to swap 1 meal a day to drink this delicious goodness. For me, that meal will be breakfast during the week and lunch on the weekends. Why breakfast? Well, usually, I’m on the go in the mornings. I have about a 45 minute commute, followed by a workday where I need to get up and go. I normally wait to eat at the office, where I will whip up some scrambled eggs (with cream cheese…guilty face) and a piece of whole wheat toast with strawberry jam. I will also have a poor mans mocha, which is 1 part hot chocolate, 1/4 part milk, 1/2 part coffee. Talk about a bunch of empty calories! YIKES!
I also happened upon a nifty product called Cuppow, which essentially converts your mason jars into drinkable cups (adult-like sippy cups for us clumsyfolks on the go). Since I have introduced that to my water-drinking routine, I have discovered that I drink twice as much water that I normally would in a day. That’s unheard of! Needless to say, I love it! Thank you Cuppow for making a nifty-nifty product. It is $7.99 plus shipping. I totally planned on doing a giveaway for one, but I love mine so much, I’m actually using them both. ha ha! IF I placed another order, then I might consider it. Would any of you even use this? Interestingly enough, as I was sipping my water in our morning meeting at the office, one of my co-workers commented on how wonderful a Cuppow would be if you drank pickle juice to battle a hangoverdehydration. Instead of attempting to pour out the juice from the jar and keep the pickles inside of it, you could just pop this on top of your homemade jarred pickles and drink away.

That’s my routine now. Make my green smoothie at night as part of my routine. Grab it on my way out the door, along with my Cuppow. I drink the juice straight from the jar because, well, it is quite thick. After I finish, I rinse out the jar, fill it with water, attach my Cuppow, and inhale my water. Significantly healthier than before. Small changes yield BIG and long-lasting results.

**Oh, and I must add that when I'm out and about with my Cuppow, and Baby T gets thirsty, she has no problem drinking water. This comes in especially handy when I forget to pack a sippy cup for her. We are a family staying hydrated!**


E said...

I haven't tried those lids out yet, but they seem genius!

Anonymous said...

Invest in a better blender and you won't regret it - makes green smoothies much more drinkable. Having to chew your smoothie is the first step giving them up and never making them again.

My vitamix was worth every penny. Look into a vitamix or blendtec - they seem overly expensive, but they make it a joy to consume your greens (and make things like peanut butter and soups!). The warranties on them are also outstanding, so it'll be a purchase once type product (at least for a decade).

Sarah Greenman said...

Aw girl... thank you so much for the compliment! I'm so excited to see how your body responds to the infusion of greens! xo Sarah

PS - I second the Vitamix motion. Totally worth it.

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