When a Photo Takes Your Breath Away

Friday, April 15, 2011

copyright Rachel Weiner Photography
Sometimes, there are photos that make you stop and they take your breath away. The above photo is one such image. When did my baby grow into such a beautiful little girl?

Mari had her school portraits the day after we'd gotten out of the hospital. In my groggy state, I'd forgotten about it. She picked out this colorful dress to wear and insisted on 3 pony tails. When we arrived at school, I saw the sign reminding us it was picture day. My heart sank, but luckily, she has awesome teachers who managed to coax her to fix her hair a bit better than the hot mess I'd created.

Anyway, the day came for us to see her proofs and I'd been dreading it.  Why? Because I knew I would fall in love with them, that's why! Of the 40+ images she captured, I wanted more than half of them. Like most photographers, she typically offers print packages. There was no way I would be able to afford to have all of those images printed. I humbly told her this during our appointment and well, we proceeded to strike up one of those most cathartic conversations I've had in a long time. (A separate post on Motivating It Forward coming soon!)

Rachel is a true artist that prevails despite the adversities she faces on a daily basis because of her spondylitis. I love her outlook on life, her positive attitude, but most importantly, as a parent, I love the art she creates. She totally captured the many faces of my fast growing toddler. She patiently worked with her while she hammed it up for the camera, even letting Mari do her own poses.Yes, I cried when I saw the images. Hard to believe she's that grown!

Here's a video collection of my favorites from her session:

If you are looking for a photographer to capture your child's images, then I would recommend Rachel. She's a photographer's photographer! You can find her here:

**In exchange for the slideshow, I agreed to write a post about Rachel Weiner Photography. I believe she truly captures the spirit of children. The review is my own opinion and in no was was I persuaded otherwise.**


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awe mari is such a beauitful little girl! I can't believe either how much she's grow too!!!

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