Caterpillars & Ladybugs

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Have you ever seen caterpillars race? We did! The one on the right actually caught up with the one on the left. We weren't really sure where they were racing, but they were both in a hurry!
When we went outside to load our mailbox, we save all of these caterpillars crawling around on the sidewalk and the exterior walls in the doorway. There were actually 8 total. I've never seen so many caterpillars at once, it was quite remarkable, actually. Mari was ecstatic, but was initially freaked out by them. I gathered a couple to put in a jar so she wouldn't be afraid. (We released them 5 minutes later.)

The one on the left remained asleep and Mari proclaimed it dead. Upon release, it continued to be still. She was sad and then it wiggled slightly and went off on its merry way. She was beyond happy. I took that opportunity to talk about Easter and Christ's resurrection. Not really sure if she "got it." But just because she may not completely understand things doesn't mean I shouldn't talk about them and try to plant that seed early.

And speaking of nature, isn't this quilt beautiful?

My MIL made it for Tesla. She's so talented!! I sent her a quilt that I liked online and it cost quite a bit. Well, when we opened the box and saw this, my breath was taken away. This is gorgeous and she will love it for years to come. We have incorporated ladybugs into the nursery. We haven't finished her room yet, but I hope to get a better handle on it this summer. She will also get the Cloud B Twilight ladybug to use as a nightlight. Mari loves her turtle so much, so we were sold on the ladybug!

How are you all enjoying nature?

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