Introducing: Adalie Tesla Jane

Friday, April 8, 2011

We've been pretty busy around here since Sunday. Our baby girl decided to make her formal entrance and we've been enjoying quite the babymoon since! Things will get back to normal soon, though! I'm trying my best to put together the birth story while it is still fresh in my mind.

Adalie Tesla Jane

April 3, 2011
7lbs 13.2oz
19.25 inches long

The story behind her names:
As you know, we've been calling her Tesla for a while now. You can read the story of why we chose that name here. We wanted to use the initial J for a middle name and also, I wanted to honor my mother in some way. We selected Jane, even though that isn't my mom's real name, it is in homage to her. (love you mom!) And so we agreed her name would be Tesla Jane for the longest time, until that parental guilt creeped in. Frankly, Mari's name had quite a few more letters in it, plus it was filled with all sorts of frills and flourishes when you write it out. We both believe Tesla Jane is a very strong name on its own, but we wanted her to have a small bit of flair. We wanted her to have a choice and I guess by the time she goes to school, she can choose which name she will go by, but for now we call her Tesla. (Both of my siblings actually go by their middle names.) Adalie is actually a name we sorta made up. There are many special people in our lives, two of whom are my best friends, Adaora and Lindsey. I actually played with the letters of their names in all sorts of combinations before coming up with Adalie. (ad-UH-lee for you southerners or a-THA-lee for those of you who speak espanol)

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