Bath Time...Puj Baby Bath Tub Review

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Today, I gave Tesla her first real bath. She lost her umbilical cord on Sunday and I wanted to wait a couple of days to make sure she's totally healed from it. Anyway, remember when I scored the Puj tub at the consignment sale? Well, I decided to use it.

With Mari, I just held her when I was in the shower and cleaned her. We used one of those regular plastic tubs that you fill up. I found that to be an awkward size, we didn't really know where to store it (because of the size), and it wasn't very natural feeling. It seemed to me that we spent more time preparing the tub instead of actual bath time, so that's why we nixed it after the second use.

The Puj Tub intrigued me. It fit easily in the sink. It stowed nicely. And at $12, the price was right for me to try it out. I turned on the water and got it to the proper temperature. I held the Sugarbaby in my arms and was able to prep the tub in minutes. She was happily propped in the tub, kicking her feet in the water and just staring at me like, hmmm...this is nice. I liked that I didn't fear that she would slip off. She stayed put. I washed her body and rinsed her easily. Afterwards, I wrapped her and shampooed her hair.

  • Definitely Easy
  • Portable
  • Quick Storage
  • Fast Setup

  • Weird drain thing...there's a small hole at the base and if the water gets too soapy and you need to drain it, it is a little awkward, especially if you have a REALLY shallow sink.
That's it, just one negative. The rest were great. And you can see her at the top. She's happy she's clean. She liked bath time. I liked bath time. I'm actually looking forward to the next one. I would recommend this tub for sure!

**I was not compensated for this review. I did not receive any thing for my opinion, I just wanted to share a nifty gadget!**

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