Monday, February 7, 2011

Where in the heck did the time go? I really don't know. I blinked and BAM, the past three years were fast forwarded.

Dear Sugarbean,

I can't believe that you are three years old today. I was re-reading your birth story and I swelled with pride at the memory of the moment I became a mother. changed my world more than any thing. All the darkness that I've experienced in life, all of the ache and hurt, it's been replaced with love and light. My perspectives on the world changed because of you, changed for the better.

This is the last year you will celebrate your birthday as an only child. You are so giving and generous, that I don't think you will hardly notice. You already involve your baby sister in your every day routine. You kiss her goodnight each evening, you tell her good morning, and you like to tell her secrets. You are such a beautiful soul and the absolute very best of me (and your father) shines through you.

Thank you for the your curiosity. Thank you for your song. Thank you for your belly laughs. Thank you for the stories you make up. Thank you for your unabashed honesty. Thank you for your pure innocence. Thank you for your creativity. Thank you for your unique sense of style. And yes, thank you for your tenacity, stubbornness, inquisitive nature, and orneriness. I love it all and I love the adventure we've been on so far. I look forward to creating so many more memories.

Happy 3rd Birthday Sugarbean! I hope you enjoy your surprise this afternoon!

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