Restaurant Review: Whiskey Cake Plano

Friday, February 18, 2011

Do you see my toes peeking out? I cheated when I took this photo because I angled the camera so you could actually see my toes. Had I taken it from my viewpoint, you wouldn't see the toes. Then again, you really wouldn't see much of the ground either, just all belly. My little app tells me that I'm 33.5 weeks far along and let me tell you, I want food. I want all sorts of delicious food. Of course, I can't eat much of it because there isn't much room in there.

I've been wanting to try out Whiskey Cake ever since I drove by it and saw that the vacated spot that was once my favorite Tavern was now converted into something new with a giant CAKE on the side. Hey, the word cake gets my attention every time! :) I've never had a whiskey cake before, so this was going to be the February try something new.

We went for lunch. 3 adults and 1 child. I walked in to a familiar location that seemed to have an Anthropologie makeover. Seriously, the marvelous details in the restaurant were fun! Old lightbulbs converted to tiny vases filled with a sprig of fresh rosemary. Thick curtains, hung with that really thick brown twine instead of curtain rings. Plush and welcoming outdoor furniture. And the server's attire. The gals had these half aprons with pockets that definitely looked very Anthro. The guys had a simple white shirt, green and white striped (I think) suspenders, and these nifty tawny leather aprons. Fun indeed.

DRINKS. We had a lemonade, Arnold Palmer, Mint Julep, and water. We didn't have any of the beer or wines. The lemonade, while tart, was fresh. It actually enhanced the tea, which made my Arnold Palmer taste that much more like summer--and that definitely made me happy. I sipped the Mint Julep and unlike my experience with one in New Orleans, this was divine. It tasted like a mojito, but a bit different. I think I would have liked for it to have been sweeter, but I've never had a proper mint julep, so I wouldn't know.

STARTER/ENTREE. We started with their chicken chowder and deviled eggs. The chowder was good, but I was a bit surprised by the bacon or pork that was in it. Not bad, but just surprised. And the cup of soup looked to be an exact 1 cup serving. The deviled eggs are of the mustard variety, not the mayo. Not a bad thing. The salmon on them was more like a forgotten discarded piece, and I would've preferred a bit more salmon. And they were a bit on the salty side. Yet, I still liked them. We ordered the OMG burger, the hot chicken and cheese melt, a basic burger, and the pulled chicken mac & cheese w/ green beans for Mari. The sandwiches came with kettle chips, but we also ordered a side of fries, roasted fingerling potatoes, and orzo spinach. The basic burger was good and cooked as requested. The hot chicken and cheese sandwich was a bit of a disappointment. We agreed that it needed a bit of extra panache. I think if there would have been a punch of horseradish or something, it would've been better. But it just needed something. The OMG burger was definitely OM worthy. I had a bit of avocado leftover from the chicken sandwich, so I put it on the burger and then it all of a sudden became OMG! I want to go back to eat there just for this burger! Mari wanted nothing to do with her mac and cheese and definitely not the green beans. She took one bite and refused. Instead, she preferred the burger. Should have gone with the sliders for her. As far as the sides...the kettle chips were ok. I liked them, but the others at the table were less than impressed. I thought the texture was good. They probably could've been a tad bit crunchier, but overall, I liked the flavor. We all agreed that if they did a par-fry, refrigerated them, then finished frying for each order, then they would've been fantastic! The fries were fries. Nothing monumental about them, but they weren't awful. The spinach orzo was just that. Simple. The roasted potatoes, however, were an epic disappointment. I guess because they were roasted, there was no need for the addition of butter. And if there was butter in them, I certainly didn't taste it. I very nearly asked for a side of butter, but instead, just had them box it up and took it home.

DESSERT/COFFEE. They serve a french press coffee for the table to enjoy, complete with half and half from a ceramic cow. They also bring out fun mugs that are different for each table. I really wanted a fancy-schmancy mug, but instead I had a regular white mug with a green stripe. I noticed the fabulously well-dressed and coifed older lady at the table next to us was greeted with a super fancy mug and yes, I was jealous. But she looked like she needed that mug because it fit her. The coffee was good coffee. Not blow you away coffee, but still very good. We ordered a Whiskey Cake for the table, which came with fresh whipped cream. This was a nice sized serving of cake, definitely good enough to share. And share we did. Wow, I have already made a mental note that I want to enjoy this cake after having Tesla. It was ridiculously fantastic! Loved it and it definitely lived up to the fact that the restaurant shares its name. I dream about this cake. Now I want this cake, dangit.

In summary, go for drinks, enjoy the OMG burger, and definitely have the cake! This is a great place to hang out with friends and family. The service was wonderful, particularly for Mari. I like finding places that can be both adult friendly and family friendly. Check 'em out and go support the local joint.

**I was not paid for this review and the thoughts and opinions are my own.**

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Meggie Miller said...

Hi Bianca!

I found your review when I was Googling our restaurant this morning. Thanks for blogging about your experience - I'm glad we could be a fun spot for you to feed the little one on the way. :) We may have to get more fancy coffee cups so everyone feels special!

Have an awesome day.


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