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Monday, February 7, 2011

The Sugarbean awoke in a pleasant mood. It also helped that her brother Guapo was singing to her his very own rendition of Happy Birthday. Those of you who know Guapo know that he LOVES birthdays and when given the opportunity, he will sing along or just sing in general. It's wonderful.

We dressed her in her new red birthday dress, which incidentally, when I presented it to her, her face lit up, she grinned at me, and proudly proclaimed, "It fits me!" Finally, I found something to suit her style! I even let her put on her pink and purple multi-colored tights from American Apparel. She happily scampered off to school, excited about her yogurt for breakfast and happily greeting all of her friends in the morning. She especially greeted her morning teacher, Miss Vicki with utter enthusiasm.

I was nervous all day, praying that her day was special and that it would end without one single tear of sadness.

That afternoon, I surprised her at her school, not only by showing up, but also having a happy person, Miss Spirit, accompany me. It warmed my heart to see my birthday girl wearing a special birthday crown that said, "Birthday Queen" on it. Everyone seemed to know it was a special day for Mari and they all treated her like she was a princess. It was very neat! Spirit was going to put on a short show for Mari and all of her friends, then afterwards, would make each person a balloon animal and paint their face or hand. Mari had the opportunity to be first.
Spirit suggested many ideas of what to paint on Mari's face. When we asked her what she wanted, she quietly stated, "Christmas." I looked at her and asked her to be a bit more specific. So she said, "snowman, please." And there you have it. My daughter didn't want a butterfly, a heart, or a flower, she wanted a snowman. Definitely a unique child who knows what she wants. I couldn't help but beam with pride at her individuality. That's my daughter indeed.

Then, the class gathered around and sang to her. And not one to miss a beat, she leaned over and blew out her three candles on her giant 3 shaped cupcake cake. It was easy to tear away the different cupcakes making it easier for the kids to enjoy. There were a couple of parents who had arrived early and seemed really happy for their children to enjoy the party. The kids loved Spirit, their face paint, and the balloon animals. I had three of them come up to me and give me a hug to thank me. Two of the little boys smiled at me, while one gave me a thumbs up. It was so wonderful! It was also nice that our Primo and Don were able to join us before the party was over.

Later, when we left, the teachers had all pitched in and given Mari a beautiful costume to add to her dress up collection! She was also given a gnome dress up costume from her Aunt and cousins, a coloring book and stamp set from her grandma, a play food set from her aunt/uncle and cousins from Tennessee, and an empty shop vac box from Daddy, which ended up being one of her favorite gifts (along with the pink flamingoes my friend from Florida had shipped to me for Mari's party, which she adopted as her own birthday gift). Also, my grandmother, her great grandmother, had sent her a birthday card. By the way, how in the world she always knows the timing of when cards will arrive is beyond me. It's like a special gift or something!

She played for a couple of hours with that box before we headed out to Twisted Root Burger Co for dinner. And now, she is so hopped up on birthday festivities that she's fighting the sleepies. Poor thing, I know she's exhausted, but it was definitely a sign of a great day indeed.

Happy 3rd Birthday Darlin'! I'm glad you enjoyed your very, very special day!

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