The Big Girl Room Part 2

Saturday, February 5, 2011

We were quite the busy bees this weekend. I guess you could call it pent up energy because we've been enduring some serious cold weather conditions: ice, sleet, snow, thundersleet, freezing rain, more snow...insanity. I digress. The contractors braved the weather, came by and got it done. They taped, sealed, added mud, sanded down the walls, and scraped the ceiling free of the popcorn. Every thing was nice and smooth like a fresh canvas. I loved it!!!

We headed out to get the primer, paint, ceiling fan, and lights. We also made notes for what we wanted the closet to look like. Here is a view facing her new closet. Love that smoothness and the pocket door opening. MUCH larger than the regular closet opening.

Then, Don decided to hit it hard. He wouldn't let me do any painting because of the potential of VOCs in the paint and primer. He could not, however, stop a certain small person from helping. She was rather insistent despite the fact that she should have been fast asleep. Yes, she's wearing footie jammies with furry Crocs. You can see her determination while she works the roller. 

She helped primer a tiny bit, and then she came to me and helped me clean up her current room. Meanwhile, Don finished the primer. The next morning, he was up to get started. My sister came by and helped put on the first coat. I continued my epic cleaning journey of sorting out the breakfast nook, kitchen, and dining room. While it was drying, my sister helped me break up the ice on the walkway that wasn't melted by the sun. 

That night, Don added another coat of paint and prepared the trim. Once it was dry, he installed the new ceiling fan. Here is the final product from our efforts this weekend. We still need to add the trim and hardware before we can officially move her in. But it is looking awesome!! I'm going to officially order the vinyl saying  and the butterflies for the room. Don will add the trim this week and I believe the vinyl will come in before the weekend. 

I wanted a unique fan for her room. 

Since we are going to leave the pocket doors white (adding the butterflies to the front) and the trim will be white, we opted to look for a white wooden daybed, preferably with a trundle and maybe storage. I found this one locally and I think it would be perfect. Hopefully we'll have some time to check it out in person. Another awesome thing I'm looking forward to picking out her mattresses from Mattress Firm. A couple of weeks ago they ran a Groupon where we bought $200 worth of mattresses for $50! TOTALLY excited about that.

REPURPOSED ITEMS: Because the furniture will be white, we need to paint the large bookshelf that will go in her room. This will be a repurposed bookshelf from our office. It is large, and of course, Don will mount it to the wall for safety. It'll be wonderful to see all of her books in one spot instead of strewn about on the floor like she has them now (partially because she doesn't have enough shelf space). Also, we will be repurposing one of our old end tables and painting it a darker purple (plum) color. I think the color we picked out will match the butterflies we ordered. This is where she will have her tea parties, do her school work, or whatever she wants.

There you have it. Hopefully, we'll have another room update before she's totally moved in. We'll see. So far, we are still right at our budget, but the closet, whoa...still keeping my fingers crossed.

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