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Monday, February 14, 2011

No, I am not making reference to being allergic to Valentine's day. Actually, I have a great appreciation for it because on February 15, chocolate goes on sale and so do many of my favorite sweets!! And unlike Halloween, it has prettier packaging than the ghosts and ghouls from Halloween.

My friend Mandi shared a couple of her Valentine's stories, so I figured instead of leaving my story in the comment box, I would write a whole blog around it! Huzzah! Here you go, Mandi...

When I was younger, I always wondered why everyone didn't give everyone a Valentine. I didn't think it was nice.I knew which kids were going to be left out, so I tried to make up for their lack of candy and cards by making up extras with names of kids who were not in our class. I would insist on making Valentines and buying store bought ones just to remain anonymous. Mom never knew what was going on with me, but never gave me too much grief about it. I'm not sure if she ever knew what I was doing.

I didn't get much attention from boys during those awkward years. Daddy would always "surprise" us each Valentine morning with a tiny 4 pack of Whitman's chocolates in a kitschy red heart. They would be nestled by our heads, smiling at us when we awoke to face the day. I secretly wanted all of that hokeyness. The flowers, the cards, the stuffed animals, over the top romantic gestures and jewelry.

In 2001, I was very blessed. My niece was born! While I went to the hospital ridiculously early in the morning, and was beyond tired, I worked a full day and was so very blessed to receive three very large flower arrangements, chocolates, and a stuffed animal. I also got some lovely jewelry too with an amazing dinner, and a pair of shoes! That was one of the all time greatest Valentine's for me. It was that day that I knew I really wanted a child, especially a daughter.

Then, two short years later, I was fabulously single and out and about with my girlfriends at a bar. Little did I know that my beloved was less than 6 feet away and we would meet a bit over a month later.

This year, the sugarbean is sick, my grandmother-in-law is in surgery from suffering a broken hip the night after Mari's party, and I myself am under the weather. Fortunately, we get to spend a few extra days with our in-laws, despite the circumstances. We had to get some more yogurt since we'll be doing yet another round of antibiotics. We picked up some happies for my aunt and MIL since they were going to be settling in for the long haul. I love the grocery store. And while there, I decided that Grandma needed some cheery flowers, so not only was I in a grocery store, I was able to do something creative in a grocery store...arrange flowers using a plastic knife, paper towels, and a granite counter top. By the time we got home, Don picked up some Indian food to-go on his way to the market to get toilet paper. I found a dozen roses that he'd left for me. *swoon*
We are blessed because we spent it together, embracing our sick little one, while doing some soiled laundry that she'd gotten sick on. It is definitely a memorable one, and one where I'm humbly reminded just how absolutely blessed I am. We renewed our vows on Sunday, and with tears in my eyes (again) I proclaimed my love to Don.

 No matter what babe!

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chae said...

That food looks delicious!! Happy V-day!

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