HDMR: Gulliver's Travels, The Fighter, Black Swan, Green Hornet, & Tron

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Thank you modern technology and that's all I'm gonna say about that. This week's HDMR is brought to you by my cousin, who just so happens to be our photography intern. Woot-woot! Since I feel like a zombie, I will rate these movies by types of beverages found at a coffee shop.

First up, Tron. Yeah, this is rated tap water. Why? Well, aside from the fact that I wasn't really into the first one. Let's face it, every time I tried watching the first one when I was younger, I passed out. This one failed to grab my attention. Quite frankly, doing a load of laundry and cooking a meal appealed to me more, so I didn't watch it. It was on, but I totally didn't pay attention. I do remember thinking that I liked some of the music they were playing and was totally fired up that they were going to have a dance off in the club, but they were just getting ready for a fight scene while wearing costumes that resembled something from this year's Super Bowl halftime routine with a nice beat in the background. If you liked it and are offended, I'm sorry. It just wasn't my thing. I bet there are loads of movies I've watched and loved that you probably shuddered at the thought of sitting through 5 minutes of it. moving on...

I went into this movie for fun. I wasn't expecting amazing acting, but definitely wanted some awesome special effects with fun banter. I really enjoyed this movie except for Cameron Diaz. I think she was not a good fit for the part. However, Seth Rogen and Jay Chou's chemistry was FABULOUS!!! The gadgets were great too. I had fun with a movie, like the first time I saw the revamped Batman and like the Joker, I thought to myself, "Where does he get all of those fantastic toys?" Plus, that movie had me wanting a fierce cup of coffee. This is definitely worth the rental. I'm not sure if it is worth going to the movie theater, but worth the rental for SURE! I rate this a double shot cappuccino!

This movie was creepy. Definitely one of those more psychological thriller types and I wasn't really sure what to make of it. Natalie Portman definitely did a wonderful job. She plays that special kind of crazy normally reserved for the Winona Ryders and Angelina Jolies. Seriously, she would win Best Actress because there's a part of me that wonders if the sweet person who I thought was Natalie Portman is actually teetering on the edge of the looney bin. One thing that I really appreciated and stuck out for me were the ballet scenes. I could totally just watch their practices and then the actual ballet. We watched the first part of it with Mari, and my brother would warn us when there were some more inappropriate parts that could potentially freak her out. Turns out that she really seemed to enjoy the ballet and now I not only want to enroll her in dance class, but also take her to go see a performance. That was totally an aside. Anyway, I rate this coffee black. If you like artistic films and appreciate a good performance, then you will enjoy this film. If you crave action and adventure, this is not for you.

I have wanted to see this movie ever since I saw that Christian Bale was attached to it. He's another one of those actors that is so darn method and interesting to me that I can't help but gravitate to anything he's done. Then, when I saw that both Mark Wahlberg and Amy Adams would be a part of the cast too, was on! Unfortunately, it took a bit longer to add it to my I've-watched-this list, but that's ok. First off, Christian Bale...holy cow! How much weight did he lose for this role? And seriously, I more than did his research for his character Dicky. There was an awards ceremony where Dicky had gone up to give Christian a hug and I remembered it. In that one moment, I recognized something on the screen of his portrayal. Incredible to catch that sort of thing. Not just the mannerisms, but the essence of a person. I don't know Dicky personally, but I think he approved. Amy Adams did a great job too. I loved seeing her a bit grittier...quite a contrast from her Giselle character in Enchanted. Then Mark Wahlberg, ahhh...he managed to portray that splitting sensation we get when we are pulled in two different directions of things we love. You know that tough, part where you feel guilty if you go in either direction, but you feel guilty for not making a choice to go in either direction? Yeah, good stuff. I loved all of the sisters and the mother too! She was awesome! Definitely check this out! This is one that I want to own. I rate this a grande caramel macchiato!

We saw this movie more for Mari's sake. We'd gotten our adult fix, so why not let her enjoy some fun too. However, this movie has Jack Black in it, and well, like to admit it or not, we are fans of him and his silliness too. This was a really cute movie that had us laughing together and adopting another signature Jack Black catch phrase. If this happens to be on TV on a Saturday and Sunday afternoon and you are tired of watching Yo Gabba Gabba or Wonderpets, then this will be a welcome break for you! By the way, Emily Blunt and Jason Segal are absolutely adorable. I rate this a kiddie hot chocolate.

Have you seen any of the movies I mentioned? What were your thoughts on them?

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