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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Today's HDMR is brought to you by a cold that doesn't want to quit. All week, the Sugarbean has had a perpetual runny nose and last night starting at 1:30, the coughs came around and they were these deep rooted coughs that I knew were painful. This went on until 6AM. It made for a long night and day. When she emerged from her sleep cocoon, I was spent and needed mindless thought. We opted to go to the early show, knowing that it wouldn't be full and we probably wouldn't expose anyone else. She was wrapped up tightly in her comfy clothes, plus she had her favorite blanket, it was almost like we were at our couch at home. Sure enough, we were the only ones there for the first part of the film.

I'd wanted to take her to see this for a while. I have always like Rapunzel and even when I was a kid, I had really long hair. There was a time that I didn't want to cut it! Anyway, the movie is a spin on the classic tale on Rapunzel. What I really enjoyed about this film is that they really tried to highlight dreaming, regardless of where you come from. Also, Rapunzel was a very strong character in her own right. There's a point where she's gleefully happy, then blubberingly sad the next moment. That's real life highs and lows for a gal. I loved her sidekick Pascal too! He was not only cute, but a wonderful best friend too! I did not like Mother Gothel. There is sinister and then there is downright mean and malicious. That's the point of the character, but there were really high levels of deviousness that I wasn't sure how I felt about Mari seeing that. Weird, I know. Tthe colors were bright, the songs were beautiful, and most of the storyline was good. I do wish they would have spent more time developing the male lead's story. But the ancillary supporting characters were fantastic! I loved Max the horse and I know I already said it, but that Pascal is adorable. :)

Overall, I really liked this movie and when it comes out on DVD, I intend to purchase it. It captivated Mari, even though she was sick and she kept talking about it for 15 minutes until she passed out for a 4 hour nap. This was ok to watch with our family and no where nearly as frightening as Enchanted. Check it out for yourself! Thumbs up!

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The Potts Family said...

I need to take Braelyn to see it!
Funny, though - Brae loves Enchanted! I think its scary in the end, but she loves it. I guess she likes to scare herself?
Mari must have the same junk Jay and I have had. It's no fun!

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