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Thursday, January 20, 2011 is an online stationery site where you can send announcements (electronic invitations) or ask them to physically snail mail them for you. Once upon a time, my go to online meeting/event organizing tool was evite, but they completely overhauled their website and quite frankly I find it extremely limiting, lacking in creative freedom and just too clunky. I literally typed "evite sucks want to make my own announcement online" and came back as one of the results. I have no idea how it happened, but either way, I'm thankful because they are awesome!

You still don't quite get it? Ok, let's say you are going to have a dinner party with a few guests and SURPRISE, it is also going to be an impromptu shower for the guests of honor. You head out to and create a free account with them. Choose from like bajillion free designs and set it up. They are so many. They have cute, funky, modern, retro, bold, bright, whatever. If you don't find what you want, you can also upload your own image. Awesome! It can integrate with Facebook, your email, and even ol' evite to import your addresses. Best of all, you can pre-select a few retailers where the people are registered and have it show up on the site. How cool is that?

But if you are feeling sassy and your small dinner party turned into a much larger event (say 250 plus people) or you want a different graphic and a personalized URL without the small advertisement in the corner, you'd just pay $10 to "upgrade" to Pingg plus. Here, you eliminate the advertising. You also get a personalized URL specific to your event. You can invite more than 250 people. AND, you have access to a gazillion-trillion professional images to choose from. (maybe that was a bit of hyperbole)

Also, let's say you are inviting great grandma to the event, but she doesn't use the computer or Internets. No problem. Just type in the postal address and will print off the invitation, stuff it in an envelope, address it and stamp it and send it on its way. This costs $3 a card, which includes postage. Those of you who have done the formal invitations in the past for events knows that this is actually rather affordable when you think about how much is spend per invite, plus the cost of printing, plus your time to address it, plus the cost of postage. Those take up to 10 days to deliver.

Finally, once you have your event all ready to go, you've sent out the invitations and you need to track your stuff, their dashboard and manage page are awesome! It not only tells you the number of people attending, but also the percentages of yes/no/maybe/undecided.

Anyway, I love them and I'm fast and furiously getting the organization and planning gears going just so I can socialize! I have a baby shower coming up and let's not forget that in 5 months it will be my birthday month! ha ha! Go check 'em out if you are fed up with evite and other sites like that:

**I was not paid to endorse this product. I just thought it was really great and felt it needed to be shared. Spread the word!**

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