New Year, New Goals

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Everyone is out there hunkering down and knee deep in their New Year resolutions. I don't have any resolutions for the new year, per se. I figure if there is something that needs changing, I shouldn't wait for the new year, I need to just do it. With that, the new year is a good opportunity to make goals. I usually set forth some goals for the new year and mid-way through it (right around my birthday, actually), I do a mental check to see where I am with those goals. I will share some of my goals with you here.

Make Something New Each Week This could very well turn out to backfire on me, but I think it is a doable and reasonable goal. I'm not talking about sewing something new or anything crafty like that. It could be making a new meal, making a homemade card, making a mess...whatever the case, as long as it is something new, even if it is born from something old, it is new. My mother and grandmother were always very resourceful. I take certain things for granted, so if I utilize more resourcefulness, not only will I save money, but I won't add to the already expanding clutter and mess that has accumulated during our marriage.

Try Something New & Different Once a Month I got this idea from my friend. It was so simple and easy to adhere to. Think about it. 12 days out of the year is all you have to commit to. Depending on the new thing, it may not even be 12 full days. I'm going to try a different food dish, heck, experience a whole new ethnic cuisine. Maybe try a new crafting technique or a different workout from the norm. Whatever it is, it will be something new and different for me. AND if at all possible, I want Mari to experience it with me.

Eat Healthier I discovered that for whatever reason, mid-way through the year last year, I totally checked out in the kitchen department. Heck, I checked out in a lot of aspects of my life, but that one (along with the next goal) was most noticeable. I like cooking. I like baking. I like being in the kitchen. I like preparing foods with my husband. I like planning meals and going to the grocery store. I like eating together at the dining room table. All of that fell by the wayside when, like I said, I checked out. Not any more. I've rediscovered my old Martha Stewart Everyday Foods magazines. I also received an amazing cookbook for Christmas that I have tagged recipes I want to try. More importantly, I was selected to review cinch!, the new book by Cynthia Sass as part of a One2One Network promotion. So far from what I've read, I love the meals and the plan. Since I am pregnant, I won't be able to fully participate in the book, but my family will definitely benefit from it and will help us all adopt healthy eating habits. (More on that review later.)

One Load of Laundry Each Week I loathe doing laundry. I know I have written about this before. I don't understand it. But you know what. It stops now. I have actually put a bag next to the wash of clothes that I fully intend to donate. I know this will help when I say I want to clean out my closet, but never do. Seriously, all it takes is just having a simple bag when I do the laundry. This will also prove useful when I do Mari's laundry. She recently went through another growth spurt, so I need to sort her clothes and get rid of anything she's outgrown (or store it for Tesla). One load of laundry a week is totally reasonable and one that I know that I can accomplish. Some of you out there are laughing because you probably do one load of laundry a day. We do a load of dishes every day, but laundry is another subject. I've had this bad habit since I started doing my laundry back in high school. It is ok for me to grow up and change that nasty habit.

400 Calories a Week My cardiotrainer on my phone tracks calories burned. For the past two weeks it has been at 0. That means I haven't been tracking when I've been walking or I haven't been walking. This WILL change. For the sake of my tiny one growing inside, I need to be exercising more. I'm a week shy of the third trimester and it is time to get it. 400 calories a week is TINY compared to the monster 1200 calorie workouts I used to do in one session (which I will get back to someday), but it is definitely a start.

Ok, so what about you guys? Any goals or resolutions? How are you incorporating them into your family, with your kids, into your routines?

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