HDMR: Salt, Flipped, The Kids are All Right, Going the Distance, & The Other Guys

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Well, I haven't done a hump day movie review in quite some time, but that isn't to say we haven't been watching movies, because we have! :) I just haven't been writing about them.

Without further adieu....

This movie is action packed from the get-go. Once I resigned myself to this being an action flick and nothing more, then I enjoyed it a whole lot more. First off, I like Angelina. I don't like Angelina as a runner. It was painful to me watching her run in this show. Seriously, I have a crazy run, but in this show, where she's a bonafide BAMF, kicking all sorts of tail and such, why oh why couldn't she be a better runner? Another thing, there was a scene where she's balancing on the edge of a building, climbing from window sill to window sill and you later learn there's a dog in her backpack. REALLY? I don't know about you, but I have only carried one creature in a sack that wasn't moving around and yelping, throwing me off balance, let alone, trying to quietly escape, exhibiting world class rock climbing move while barefoot, and in a skirt. Again, don't take it too seriously!  Was it fun to watch and entertaining? Yes. Is it everything you expect from an action packed blockbuster? Yes. I don't intend to own the movie, but it was fun watching and trying to figure out her motivation. Don pegged it early, but I was in disbelief. :D Anyway, it is worth the rental, so enjoy!

I rented this movie just because it was from the same director of When Harry Met Sally... and Stand By Me. First off, you need to know that I was attempting to watch this on Christmas day when I was in the sick trenches. I didn't watch it in one sitting. It took a few times to watch it and I missed about 15 minutes in the middle, and honestly I don't remember the end. From what I remember watching, though, I liked it. I liked how the story was told from each perspective. It started off a bit slow for my liking, but it was cute. It is a story about your first love and how one moment, you are crushing on someone, but then once you forget about them, they story is flipped and they are crushing on you. Isn't that the way those first loves tend to go? :)  It is a charming tale and if it happens to be on a Sunday afternoon movie matinee, then I would recommend it. Or if you are having your own movie matinee marathon using a video streaming device, then go for it! 

There is some serious wit going on in this movie. It features Annette Bening, Julianne Moore, Mark Ruffalo, and Mia Wasikowska (Alice from Alice in Wonderland). The brother implores his older sister to seek out their sperm donor father shortly after her 18th birthday. The kids are raised by two women (obviously lesbian), who are in a serious committed and married relationship in California. Mark Ruffalo plays an adorable guy, albeit, a bit too laid back for his own good. This movie further perpetuated a false reality of how everyone in California is incredibly gorgeous, with the exception of Annette Bening, who is incredibly beautiful, but for whatever reason, she appeared to be more aged than her partner. I loved how real this movie felt. At times it was raw and heart wrenching, which is why I have a difficult time seeing it nominated as a comedy. They were times where it was funny, but there were many more times where I felt extremely uncomfortable. The two mothers are in a very real relationship, with very real marital problems. Then, the cherry on top is when they take their daughter to college and drop her off. I honestly found myself crying more in this movie than I was laughing. Blame it on the hormones. Was it funny? yes. Was it entertaining? Yes! Was I totally jealous over their kitchen in their home? Heck yes!  I can see why this film has been nominated for awards. I would recommend it for sure! Best of all, when I was pent up in my room sick and recovering, I got to see this on Amazon Video on Demand for free! I had purchased some music from them and they gave me a credit. Talk about awesome. Even if it wasn't free, I would still recommend you watch it!

This is another freebie courtesy of Amazon on Demand. Seriously, if you are stuck in bed and you don't have a TV in your room (like us) and Netflix streaming doesn't have the movies you want to immediately see streaming on their site, then use them. It is super, duper easy! Anyway, what was I saying, oh yeah, Going the Distance starring Drew Barrymore and Justin Long. First off, how adorable are these two together. It was totally no surprise to me that their chemistry carried off the screen because it was quite evident on the screen. Yes, it is a classic RomCom, but there were plenty of hilarious parts too. I think I enjoyed the lines of the supporting actors more than the actors. Big kudos go to Christina Applegate who played the over-the-top OCD sister. Wow, she played it so well!! The gist of the story: Boy and girl meet in NYC, but the gal only has 6 weeks until she moves across the country back home to San Francisco. When they initially got together, they were just going to keep it fun and light, but as we all know, best intentions screw things up and well, you end up caring more than you thought you would. There were some very real moments of struggle especially when it comes to long distance relationships. Anyway, it is a lovable tale and I was glad that I didn't have to pay full price for it. When this shows on TBS, definitely watch it, but should you shell out the $5 at Blockbuster? Nah, you can wait. Maybe spend the $1 at Redbox or use your free code there, but still. Grab some chocolate and settle in for some laughs with a dash of tears and enjoy the ride.

The Other Guys

First off, holy moly...Will Ferrell, Mark Wahlberg, Dwayne Johnson, Samuel L. Jackson, Eva Mendes, Michael Keaton, Derek Jeter!?!?! With that said, I had no idea what this movie was about. Well, I knew it was a cop movie that played up the not as good cops. That's it. What I didn't expect it to be was a movie full of awesome one-liner quotes and random hilarity! Seriously, this movie is totally something to watch when you are feeling silly, need to feel silly, or some pick me up...if you like that kind of humor. I just kept thinking to myself, are you for real? Is that really happening? Does Mark Wahlberg really take himself that seriously? And wow, he really is a good actor because he is playing a guy who is insecure and over-the-top macho, who takes himself and his role way too seriously, and no one gives him any credit, but you know he isn't really like that in real life. Funny. Breakdown: Will and Mark are the kinds of cops that aren't really a part of the A-Team, heck, they wouldn't make the B or C team either. Will Ferrell's character is really great at auditing financial records and is meticulous about crimes that really aren't as big of a deal as murder. Mark Wahlberg's character would like to be a super cop, and is pretty good, but because of an earlier mishap in his career, he's been downgraded to partner up with Will Ferrell, who by the way, is married to Eva Mendes. This is a funny movie and I totally would recommend it. Heck, I'm even considering a purchase because we enjoyed it that much.

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