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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Okay, first off, you need a bit of randomness.

Seriously, totally random, huh? But you know what, watching that sheep surf totally made me giddy and happy and the sheep looked pretty dadgum happy too. Anyway, I had a point to writing this. Oh yeah, a music review!

I actually splurged and bought Shakira's new album Sale el Sol*. I had great hopes for this CD. The first single, Sale el Sol gives me all sorts of hope. I'd been waiting for her another Spanish album similar to Pies Descalzos or Donde Estan los Landrones. A few of the songs are reminiscent of those albums: the title track, Antes de las seis and Lo Que Mas. Additionally, you will find many dance type of tracks, which she has become known for. I like dancing as much as the next person, I guess a little more, but I had never really equated her with dance music. I discovered her when she was writing beautiful ballads about love and loss. I will admit, these catchy songs do get me moving and they are a happy break from the highly emotive songs. I think a tie for my favorite song would be Mariposas. It makes me If you are a Shakira lover, then you will enjoy this album.

Hopefully soon, I will review the new Norah Jones album, ....Featuring Norah Jones. If selected, I will be participating in a blog campaign for the One2One Network on behalf of Norah's new album. I know some of you like her music and I'm on high alert for this one. There's so many amazing collaborations, I just know it will be fantastic! If I am picked, then I will receive a copy of the album to review. If I am not selected, I still plan on reviewing the album in the entirety to let you know how it measures up with her past efforts. For those of you die hard fans, you can pre-order your copy of the album here: ...Featuring Norah Jones

*I did not receive a free copy of this album. The opinions expressed here are my own without influence.

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