New Shoes & a Winner!

Monday, October 11, 2010

First up, are these lovely black patent BCBG flats. I wanted a versatile dress shoe that I could wear to work, to weddings, or just for dressing up. I can still go to work wearing heels, but if I make an afternoon run to SBUX, it is a safe bet that I'll be regretting it later. My feet swell up a lot faster than not, so these babies are awesome. They are versatile, stylish, dressy, and best of all, comfortable. They passed the test when I coordinated the wedding this past weekend and wore them the whole time from 2:20PM to 2:30AM. Considering I spent $15.97 on 'em, they were worth every cent!!

Next up, gray peep-toe pumps by Madden Girl. I couldn't find the photo in gray, but I assure you these are the same exact shoes, just a different color. They were 50% off the original price and I spent less than $20 on them!!! I think after all of the discounts, they were like $16 and change. I was reminded that this past summer, I had tried them on in Austin and wanted them then, but just didn't bite the bullet. Because they were on a bigger sale and I had my additional rewards coupon, I thought, 'eh, why not.

Finally, a new pair of sneakers. Because I have no idea where my original pair of Asics went (they up an ran off, ha ha), I had to replace them with something that would make do. The only problem, I didn't have another $120 hanging around for a replacement pair. I figured since I wasn't doing any major running, I opted for a good shoe that would be great for all sorts of terrain walking. On sale, these babies were less than half the cost of my Asics and I think they exhibit a high level of "cool" factor. I am in search of some snazzy shoelaces, especially for the Race for the Cure event this weekend!

I must say that I love DSW. I found an expired $30 reward coupon and they still took it! Plus, a couple of the shoes had additional markdowns that weren't showing on the price that I though. They were having an awesome clearance sale and when I walked out of there, I saved more than I spent. Hooray!

Finally, since I only had two entries for my spin pin giveaway, I have decided that you are both winners! Lindsey and Sivje, contact me with your information. Congrats!!


Jacki said...

I like your new running shoes! I run in adidas shoes and I love them. I run on my toes and have high arches and they fit/feel wonderful. No leg or shin pain so I guess they're good!

Goosegirl said...

Thank you Bianca! I sent you a message on Facebook.
India has been super sick so I am behind on checking my blog buddies.
I LOVE your new shoes. Shoes are such happy purchases. Glad your new shoes served you well at the wedding. Sounds fun and like a lot of work.

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