Spin Pins & Flats Plus a Giveaway!

Monday, October 4, 2010

Goody Spin Pins are a wonderful little tool introduced to me by the fabulous Mandi of Mandi's Maddness. I have thick hair and a lot of it. I like to wear my hair up simply for the reason that it takes FOREVER to do it. Plus, I have to pull my hair back when I'm thinking or concentrating. With that said, these little guys work in tandem and secure my hair in place. Because my hair has some layers in it, they don't secure ALL of my hair, but most of it for sure. I wish they had a larger size, though. That would be awesome!

Next up are some much needed flats that I scored at Target. Best of all, they were on sale and I had no idea until I got home. There were two pairs of shoes that I wanted, and both were a bit pricier than originally planned and in my head, I justified it because combined they were far less than what I would spend on a pair of shoes, even at DSW. BUT, with the added discount and using a 20% off coupon for a pair of shoes added to it, they were about half of a pair of shoes at DSW. SCORE! These are the shoes. They are a navy and silver glitter shoes with a zebra pattern. They are a round toe flat and VERY comfortable! At the store I went to, they didn't have the black patent, which is what I'm on the hunt for. I don't have a dressy black shoe and this would be just the thing. I was in love with these shoes, but now I'm a little apprehensive. Don said they looked like silly shoes (which he later changed to fantasy/magical, not silly in the clown sense) and another friend said they looked magical and spritely. hmmm...That wasn't what I was going for. This was clearly my poor attempt at being fashionable + comfort. Not everyone can pull off a faux animal print and I fall in that group of people. I'm still going to wear them because they are that comfortable, but it won't be without hesitation. What do you guys think?

Now for a giveaway! In honor of Margie, and surviving her battle with cancer, I'm giving away a set of spin pins to celebrate her new hair growth back to thick and luxurious hair! Hooray Margie! Contest ends on Friday at 10:10AM. Three ways to enter (enter a separate comment for each way):
  1. Enter a comment on someone who has inspired your hair journey.
  2. Blog about any hair tool or accessory you love and enter the link below in a comment
  3. Twitter the giveaway and leave your username so I can follow you!
It is breast cancer awareness month, so be sure to check your ladies!

*I was not paid to review either product, nor was I given a set of spin pins from Goody to giveaway. I am, however, open to paid product endorsements and/or reviews. Please email me for more information at bianca dot renee at gmail.


Goosegirl said...

I am impressed by my friend Glennie, who went through intense chemo for her Lupus last year. She lost all the hair on her body, and she was originally a super foxy blond. She took this opportunity to buy several wigs in different and totally out-of-character styles. One Sunday, during a drama, she whipped off her wig in front of the whole church of over 1000 people. She loved her hair, but it was just hair. Her hair did not define her. I was SO PROUD of her.
Her hair has since grown back and she is still beautiful.

Lindsey said...

Um, so I don't blog and I don't have a Twitter account. But I just wanted to let you know about a great hair tool that I use all the time...

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