Pumpkin Patch & a Wedding

Sunday, October 3, 2010

This past weekend, or rather Saturday, was a very busy day for us. First up, we headed out for our annual visit to the pumpkin patch in Flower Mound. It was a lovely, slightly brisk morning and while we didn't have the blue, blue skies with puffy clouds lingering overhead, we did have happy kiddos who were more than willing to explore the patch.
Mari enjoyed all of the bounce houses they offered while we did a quick photo session for a friend. At the end, I remembered we needed to get a family photo, and by this time, the sun was fully out and smiling. You can tell by how squinted our eyes are. You can't really get a good look at my growing bump, but it is there! :)

Then, we had to jet over to pick up my nephew and head home for a quick change to go to a wedding. On our way, we were pulled over by a state trooper. My heart jumped out of my chest and I was overcome with guilt, because it was my insistence to not be late that had influenced Don to drive faster. Fortunately, the officer had mercy on us and let us off with a warning. I was so grateful!

We did a quick change. Don had to go to a charity event that had been rescheduled because of last weekend's rain. Mari, Z, and I headed to the intimate wedding ceremony to convalidate their marriage in the Catholic church. I was so honored to have been there to witness it. If you look closely, you'll notice a familiar face...yep, that's Charmed Valerie!
Mari was a flowergirl and had such a wonderful time doing so. She was enjoying herself a bit too much that she knocked the side of her head on one of the chairs they had and received quite a large bruise. It was so large, that I'm considering taking her to the pediatrician just for a follow-up check up to be certain.

Later on that night, we went to a Dallas Cowboys themed birthday party, but more on that later.

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