Streeeeetch & Extend Plus a Dressform

Thursday, September 30, 2010

One of the things I forgot about pregnancy (funny the things you forget) is how much you expand all over. Pants are a bit tighter in the legs. Anything with a waist is a little tighter, and at time uncomfortable. And the back fat you work so hard to get rid of or avoid comes back with a fury! What's a gal to do when she needs to extend the life of her bras w/o having to shell out $$ for new ones? Use these handy dandy extenders, that's what! I'd seen them before on infomercials. I saw them  JoAnn's thinking, hmmm...that's a random thing for them to carry, but last night, I was so glad that JoAnn's carried them. As a matter of fact, JoAnn's has an entire section dedicated to all sorts of foundation aids. It was overwhelming, cool, and one of those, whoa, I had no idea there was all of this out there. Anyway, I picked up a couple and since I hadn't used my coupons (what, you're not on their mailing list? you should be, the coupons are great!) and they expired on Saturday, I used them up and the final price was almost like buy 1 get 1 free. FANTASTIC!

And what of my review on the little do-dads? They are fantastic. I no longer feel like I'm going to suffocate and I'm not restricted to wearing my not-as-cute-or-supportive nursing bras. Thumbs up indeed!

By the way, September is National Sewing month and who did not sew one single thing? This gal right here. BUT, on JoAnn's website, they have dressforms on sale for $99!! A dressform has been on my wishlist for a long while now, and I just may splurge and get an early Christmas present. But, I don't know where I fit. I'm somewhere between the high end on the medium/small and the low end on the medium/large. Jacki or Sivje, can you advise?


Jacki said...

my official, for-your-blog answer is as follows: If you are between sizes of dress forms, buy the smaller size and pad up to the appropriate size.
I love my dress form!

Goosegirl said...

I agree with Jacki. It is easier to add to a smaller dress form than it is to reduce on a too-big form.
I only have the small-medium because it was a gift. But I use it more for India and clients than I do for myself. If I was buy for me, I would buy the large because I am definitely a large size.

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