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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Today I had a genetic screening for Tesla. Like any test that I can't study for, I was nervous. However, I prayed and prayed and prayed about it and the nerves seemed to calm themselves. When I walked into the specialist's office, I felt even calmer. Because of the time of the test, I went alone. This was simultaneously exciting and nerve wracking. Immediately into the test, I got to hear the wha-wha-wha-wha-wha of the rapid heart beat and see movement too. It was so awesome!

The doctor asked me if I wanted to know the gender and I said, "Of course, if you can tell!" To which she told me she had a 95% guess. :D Before she revealed it, though, she measured the neck and told me that everything was normal. I breathed a sigh of relief.

After I knew, I ran off to Market Street where the lady at the bakery is also expecting. I explained to her that I wanted to surprise my husband with food. She grinned, ran to the back and grabbed a plain vanilla cupcake and filled the inside with pink colored frosting. Then topped it with chocolate fudge icing. Lucky for me, she made two in case one of them was ruined. Sure enough, the lady at the check out counter tipped the container over and gave me a half response. I know my glare showed my anger at her, because there was absolutely no reason she had to take the cupcakes from me. I was handing her the receipt and she insisted on holding them.She very nonchalantly remarked, "I'll just run back there and grab another." To which I responded rather curtly, "You can't, she custom made it for me. Just forget about it." Thank goodness for the spare!

I also bought a brand new girlie onesie from Gap in case Don refused the cupcake. I know what it is like to always have hand-me-downs, so her first couple of outfits will be all brand new. In any case, just wanted to share the news with you all. :)

And if you were curious, I didn't care which gender we had so long as the baby was happy and healthy.

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Unknown said...

God bless you my beautiful friend. What an amazing day you had... (I choked up as I read this note and felt like I was there with you.) I am with T.A.S... Every girl neds a sister & that precious Mari will be a one amazing big sis indeed. Sending you a warm embrace from here on this beautiful NYC fall day.

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