Mari's Epic Birthday: 2!

Saturday, February 13, 2010

This year, in case you didn't know, we celebrated Mari's 2nd birthday with a Star Trek theme. It was a very loose theme, but we did try. Let me tell you, it is tough to find Star Trek stuff! I came across some stickers, cups, plates, and that was about it. I did find a coloring book page and I had made some tribbles. We also made our own pinata and used a collector Enterprise figure as the cake topper. I made my own Federation dress. Mari wore her Under Armour dress (really a shirt, but it is so long, it is a mini dress) and Don wore a performance shirt he'd scored from Target. We rented a bounce house from Dallas Party Rentals. They had a bigger bouncehouse on sale, for the same price as the regular one. I was scared that we wouldn't have it because of the crazy weather, but I figured, 'eh, why not.

Anyway, we figured there probably wouldn't be many who had Star Trek attire laying around, so I printed off several Federation logos for people to wear over their clothes. Here are the tiny juice boxes for our smaller guests. I sent out an evite this year, but I figured it would be hit or miss for the number attendees, especially with it being both Valentine's weekend and NBA All-Star weekend.
Here are some last minute preparations. I'd made some gluten-free cupcakes for some friends who have a gluten allergy. Unfortunately, they weren't able to show, but I was happy to taste a gluten free cupcake. It wasn't so bad.
Here's the setup. There are the fun stars for "space." To the right are the thank you goody bags for the guests. They were filled with 2 sheets of Star Trek stickers, a glow necklace, some gummy savers, lollipops, some fluffy craft poms for colorful tribbles, and a colorful animal. You can see Mari at the bottom. hee hee. Oh and in that silver bowl is a deliciously decadent concoction also known as white trash and boy-oh-boy it is amazing!

Yaaay!!! Let's get this party started. (she ripped off her federation logo within the first minute of me putting it on) Oh and she was also wearing boots, but when she spotted her cousins shoes, she insisted on wearing them instead.

Cutie pie!And here's the Starfleet Enterprise cake topper. I know some Trekkies who come across this blog may be horrified that I put this collector item on top of a cake, but oh well. I thought it really made the cake.

Here's the whole thing. A two layer beauty in monchian pink! Quite a fitting cake for a tiny sci-fi princess.
Here we all are. Me (Uhura), Don (Spock), and Mari (Spockuhura). Live long and prosper. There's the dress that I made at City Craft night. It came out pretty good, huh?
Here's her personal cake. It's on the Cookie Monkey plate that I made at a paint your pottery place.
However, Mari doesn't really like it when people sing happy birthday to us. Of course, it didn't have anything to do with the bad singing. I just don't think she was happy with the attention.

But after we blew out candles she was more than happy to enjoy her cake.
Here are some lovely ladies of the Federation.

Now it was pinata time! We did it indoors due to the epic snowstorm we'd had. It turned out pretty good, I think. This was the first one either of us had ever made.

Don had made it a pull string pinata and each kiddo was able to pull about 3 strings before all of the candy had fallen out.

Yaaay for candy! Actually, this was the only time I'd ever seen kids pick their candy and then leave the rest. Yes, there was a bowlful of candy remaining after we'd picked it up.

Here I am with My Michael! He came dressed as Chris Pine, the actor who played Kirk in the latest film..
Here I am with my mom and siblings. I'm so glad they were able to be there. At this point, I'd changed because I was going to brave the cold and go out to bounce.

But then Ada showed up and we had to grab a photo. She camed dressed as Dax.

And then we all bundled up and went out for a bounce in the freezing cold. Mari LOVES to bounce and even though it'd been out there all day, she didn't know it. We debated over and over again if we'd let her go, but ultimately decided it was ok. So we put on 4 layers of clothes and her ginormous ski jacket.
You can tell by that grin that it truly was an epic birthday!
I have to give thanks to all of our friends and family who came. They traveled from San Diego, California, Lawton, Oklahoma, Austin, Lubbock, Lewisville, Dallas, Plano, Duncanville, Garland, Cedar Hill, and McAlester, Oklahoma. You guys are amazing and we are all so very blessed to have you in our lives! Thanks for taking a moment to celebrate our amazing blessing: Mari Jul.

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