HDMR Whip It & Weeds: Season 5

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

I know there will be many of you who groan at the mere mention of this movie. Yes, it is a chick flick. Yes, there are some stereotypes in there. But did I like it? Yes! No, I loved it. Ellen Page once again nailed it. I started watching this movie on my own, while Don did his own thing. Yes, I would have rather watched this with someone, but I really wanted to watch this, so I flicked the On Demand and rented it. Halfway through the movie, Don walked in to kiss me goodnight, and next thing I know, it was the end of the movie and he was still sitting next to me.

I remember watching Roller Derby as a child. It used to show on TV late at night, alongside American Gladiators. C'mon, humor me and tell me you remember watching that too! Anyway, the thing I loved the most about this movie was to "be your own hero," which is coincidentally the tag line. Marcia Gay Harden executes the mom character so beautifully that instantly, my heart strings told me I had to call my own mother. As a mother, you just want what is best for your child. Sometimes losing sight of what your child may want. Then again, it is just natural for a child to find their own path, even if the parent doesn't always agree. That's when Daniel Stern delivers one of the best lines ever (hyperbole much?): I can stand to lose the money. I cannot take losing the chance for our kid to be happy. Man, it doesn't get any more basic than that.

The movie will take you back to younger days, where you were once given the opportunity to practice with the Varsity team when you were only 12 and not only could you hold your own, but you blocked the superstar player, certifiably humbling them in that brief moment before she hammered another shot at your face. Or at least that was the way it happened for me. Regardless, I became my own hero then, but this movie brought back those anxious feelings I had back then. So go on out, rent it, and have some fun. I rate this the super deluxe box of Godiva chocolates!

This is the 5th season of this show and I've been an avid fan. I don't remember which season it was when it became over the top ludicrous, but I continued the course and maintained. I'm glad I did. This season cracked me up. The very last scene of the season was hands down the best one of the season. It actually ties for the best scene out of the series so far. In any case, if you are a Weeds fan or if you want to find another TV show to watch on Netflix or whatever rental club you use.

Nancy returns and this season she has set up an even bigger nonsensical mess, if that were possible. This season, they did a better job of cultivating the smaller roles that you haven't gotten to know before. I rate this a handful of Lindt truffles. you want some chocolate, huh?

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