Happy 2nd Birthday Marisabelle Juliana

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Has it really been two years since the big day? Yeah, but where did the time go. A series of days filled with the every day adventure. It's awesome! I never knew how great life could be.

And just like then, (as I knew it would be) I've been filled with complete and total unconditional LOVE, while simultaneously being scared shitless. Sorry for the candor, but yeah. I'm so very, very fearful everyday because we've been blessed with a very headstrong and adventurous little girl. She's a barrel of laughs who goes 500 mph. And really she's always on the move! Will she bonk her head on the corner of the table? Will she try to swallow another quarter? Will she keep breaking our hearts because every day she needs us less and less? :( But it is just as it should be and we couldn't be any prouder.

Here's an example of her bold efforts: Even though she's only been in her new class for a week, they've already reported to us a couple of times that they've caught her on top of the cabinets, sneaking out of her room, and refusing to play with the toys, instead electing to jump around, run around the tables, or do flips. You know what, Don and I both decided that we're proud our little one has absolutely no interest in objects to keep her attention. She's more than happy to run around and do her own thing. That's our girl. She also does this entire routine where she climbs up the fireplace (which is about a foot and a half elevated), launches herself off, does two hops to get on top of the ottoman. While there, she's perfectly content with jumping up and down, while attempting to flip off. I saw her do this entire routine once. I have since moved the ottoman and tried to make a barrier in front of the fireplace where she won't attempt to do this. Which is ok because she is captivated by Barbies, and play tents, and her brother Guapo, and anything that will color the world.

She's totally a blend of the two of us. She ADORES movies, great food, and people. She's very inquisitive, constantly pointing to things questioning or saying, "That? That! that." She adds multiple words to her vocabulary (in as many languages as we can teach, and are learning ourselves), and now we're helping her explore the world of math. This next year is going to be filled with three times the adventures. While I'm getting the least amount of sleep I've ever had in my entire life, I don't care. Life is too short to miss any minute of this excitement.

I love you sugarbean! Thank you for bringing so much light to our lives! Feliz, feliz cumpleanos!

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Kristen, pajama mama said...

2 years? My, she's practically a lady! (said in my best Julie Andrews as Maria voice)

I'm taking the photo classes at Ritz on Preston-it's called Ritz University. Not sure how much each class/evening is, but they are on Tuesday evenings starting Feb. 16th. I think I may take 3 of the one night classes they offer with another mommy friend from Sachse-you'll love her- hope you can join us!

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