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Thursday, February 11, 2010

Howdy-do! To keep in the same tradition as all of my other HDMR posts, I will rate with something random, yet useful. This week's ratings will be brought to you by different versions of lip protection and color. And if you don't know what I'm talking about or referencing, I will try to post a link so you too can educate yourself on all things related to your kisser. :)

I Can Do Bad All by Myself
In honor of black history month, I aim to watch at least one movie by a black filmmaker a week. First up is Tyler Perry. I'm a huge fan of him and he's on the short list of people I'd like to meet someday. Anyway, when I first saw the previews for this film I was so excited because I LOVE Mary J. Blige, Gladys Knight, and Taraji Henson (even though she did make some comments that I wasn't too happy about it, but she's still pretty good). Aaaand this film has Adam Rodriguez...yum! Those of you who watch Ugly Betty know him as Betty's sister's love interest. Anyway, when I was waiting to pass the time, I rented this movie and the music was very uplifting. The thing I appreciate about Tyler Perry is that he does a great job of capturing the spirit of a strong woman. They aren't perfect women by any means. They have imperfections, flaw, not just on the surface, but deep, deep brokenness that they've somehow overcome to be better. Unfortunately, like many of his films, there isn't a smooth cohesion. I don't know if it is with the editing or what, but they just don't flow as effortlessly as some other movies.

Regardless, one of the best parts of this movie was when Madea is talking to Jennifer about Peter who is one of the 12 disciplines of Jesus who walked on water, but then looked away and was distracted by the whale, so he had to swim. Except, that Jaws started chasing him, so he had to swim away from Jaws, but then right when Jaws was about to eat him, Noah came by on his arch, the St. Louis Arch, mind you and then picked him up. And in the VIP section of the arch was Eve from the Garden of Eden. LOL!!! OMG...I had to rewind that part and watch it again because it cracked me up!!! Ahhh...good stuff.

And then when Taraji Henson's character is so moved, she sings out, "Oh Lord I want you to help me. Oh Lord I want you to help me on my journey, help me on my way. Oh Lord I want you to help me." It's just like when Shug sings her song in The Color Purple. Every piece of sinew in her chest and neck is on full display like diamonds under the ambient lighting at Tiffany's, the small crevice in her forehead grows deeper as she sings from the deepest point from her soul. You feel it. You feel the pain, the hope, the love. Then, Gladys Knight sings out too. I'll admit, tears came to my eyes. It was very moving.

Anyway, it was worth the rental. I rate this Chicken Poop.
This isn't a movie, but rather another television series on Showtime. I have to pause for a moment and declare my crush on Diablo Cody. Ahhh...she's another on my list of people I'd like to meet. .....
ok, anyway, I also admire Toni Collette and John Corbett. We first saw a preview of this show as the special features on another show we'd rented. I was hooked, but since we didn't have Showtime, I didn't know the fate of this series. Until one day, I was browsing through Netflix when this came up as a recommendation. I was soooo excited! It came in two discs and I watched each half hour episode. With each one, I became more and more connected to the characters. All of them, including her alters. Wow! Does Toni Collette nail it as an actress or what?! This show is based on a a wife/mother who suffers from multiple personality disorder.

As with most of the characters Diablo has created, each one has depth. They are witty and funny. Plus, every detail in the show is perfect. Not just the music that plays in the background, but down to the underwear of the different alters. It's like when you used to play dress up and you'd pull out various props to further enhance the characters, except, this is the reality of Tara. And there are people out there who really suffer from this. Similar to many of the shows I like (ahem, Dexter), there are many layers to the Tara character and the supporting cast is just as colorful. I'm eager for the next season!

Yes, I watched this. I'll admit it. I do not, however, have a crush on Zac Efron. He's cute and all, but meh. Anyway, I was curious to see if they just remade Big or what. Anyway, it was cute. As an adult, you can't sit there and honestly tell me that you've never wondered that ol' question, "what if." Yet, if given the opportunity, we'd probably make the same choices and decisions as we did because it leads us to the path where we are today, right. Yet, if you can affect change for your children, then what?

So yeah, like I said, it was cute. I could totally watch this on TBS or TNT on a Saturday afternoon with my niece or nephew. By the way, that Zac Efron is a pretty darn good dancer. I rate this your regular Vaseline. Because sometimes when you need some lip protection, the only thing that will seem to work is Vaseline.
Finally, here we are with Zombieland. Going into this movie, I had so many expectations. I must admit, that when I saw the previews for this, I'd rolled my eyes, but yeah, I was slightly intrigued. We didn't run out to the theater to see it, although, we came really close a couple of times. Anyway, I don't typically like to watch movies about Zombies. They scare me. I couldn't even watch Shaun of the Dead. I heard it was funny, but still. Couldn't do it, just couldn't do it. I was creeped out by the Reavers in Serenity! eeeech...jibbly jibbly (that one's for you Jenna)

So anyway, being a fan of Woody Harrelson, I said, 'eh, why not. And yes, there are several parts that are funny. Lots and lots of downright gore. And I think that's what is supposed to happen in these types of movies. I loved the narrator's take on how to survive a zombie attack. Knowing this set of rules, I think I've grown less chicken and I'm open to watching the forthcoming Pride & Prejudice & Zombies, but we'll just have to see when the time comes.

So that's it for now. Maybe I'll actually catch a movie in the theater over the weekend. We'll see though. Not holding my breath since it's a whirlwind weekend, with celebrating Mari's birthday, while simultaneously trying to knock out this mess I have going on in my throat and chest.

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