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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

I look forward to school parties at Mari's school, but I am sad that I can't bake something and bring it in. It's ok. Just as good because I can't imagine the many different allergies that affect the kiddos in her room. I would feel horrible if something I made caused someone to get sick.

In any case, here are the valentines that I came up with. Gracias Prima for your help! This first one is handmade for the girls. See, it's a little flower with Mari's face and small flowers on the bottom. The ric-rac adds a special touch, I think.

I made these for the boys. My office has special reams of paper wrapped in this purple paper. When I saw it ready to be recycled, I picked it up and opted to re-purpose it on this year's Valentine's day cards. I really wanted to incorporate purple this year and so there you go. I think that cool little fox adds a fun sort of flavor.
Here's the back of them. They say, "You're a Blast!"
These are the ones I created for her teachers. Simple stickers from the dollar spot at Target, I think.
Here's the back of them. They say, "Thank Ewe!"
Are you going to be giving away Valentines this year? Did you make them or buy them? How else do you celebrate the day?

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Lil D said...

I made all my Valentine's Day cards this year! I use all the scrapbooking supplies as my decorations for blank colored cards I have! You are actually going to be receiving my one of kind Home/Handmade cards in a few days!

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