I'm that girl who...

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

I noticed this little tidbit over on this blog, but in the process of composition, I also read it over on my other friend's blog as well. Here's the list I came up with on the fly.

I'm that girl who....
  • dreams big
  • fell in love at first sight
  • has no problem laughing at herself
  • gets embarrassed easily by certain people
  • loves to smile and make people smile
  • tries to do right by the environment
  • indulges in sappy teen and chick flicks
  • savors all sorts of movies
  • gets her toenails painted with interesting colors and color patterns
  • becomes emotionally paralyzed by certain songs and their lyrics
  • sings obnoxiously loud in the car when alone
  • occasionally takes camera phone pics to get an opinion on her outfit from her trusted friends
  • enjoys dancing in the car on a morning commute...on special days curlers bob to the rhythm
  • digs on photos that make you say "wow"
  • radiates when complimented on the pics she snaps
  • can suck down coffee like no other during the week, but on the weekend, prefers water
  • grins at any challenge while simultaneously thinking "bring it b*tch"
  • daringly confronts my fears
  • is recklessly afraid of cockroaches
  • is ridiculously afraid of heights
  • wishes she could change her hair color to marvelous outlandish Muppet colors
  • relentless when her loved ones need her help
  • adores her friends
  • is grateful for her family
  • enjoys genuine people
  • gets intrigued by smart banter
  • listens to the stories of strangers and loves they want to share freely
  • gives hugs without hesitation
  • loves fiercely and unconditionally
  • tries to be generous in all that I do
  • argues passionately
  • is quite comfortable on stage
  • misses those theater days equally as much as she misses the volleyball days
  • loves being in her 30s
  • has a strong personality, but hopefully not in a bad way
  • appreciates a stylish shoe
  • collects shoes and interesting people
  • creates (or tries to) all sorts of things
  • gets lost in all things creative
  • sacrifices sleep because there's just too much livin' to be done
  • aspires to immortalize her memories with words
  • waxes poetic in the quiet, quiet hours of the night when her beloved is fast asleep
  • knows with all her heart that she'll leave the world a touch more beautiful than when she found it
  • truly blessed by God's grace
When you make the list, add a comment so I can read yours too. :D


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