Sun Tea

Sunday, July 5, 2009

2 gallon sized Luzianne tea bags
1 perfectly pear white tea
1 sliced nectarine or peach
Gallon of water
Cane Sugar for taste
Set outside in the sun for a few hours. I like to leave mine out there for a minimum of three hours. Today, didn't have very much sun. I was grateful for that because the temperature setting wasn't on "hell" for the first time in a few weeks. (had to borrow that one from a fellow runner)

Anyway, I brought it in, added some ice and about a cup of organic cane sugar. Mmmm...yum-o-rific!


Sun Tea Story
When I was little, there are certain smells and sounds of the different seasons. Of course, Christmas smells and general Autumn smells are obvious, but during the summer, Mom ALWAYS had sweet tea. Every so often, she'd make some sun tea. That was always the best tea, and one of the few times I'd actually eat fruit. Come to think of it, summers were really the only time out of the year that I'd willingly eat fruit, other than a banana or orange. I remember playing outside for hours on end, and finishing up with a nice refreshing glass of chilled sun tea. Delish! Here I am sharing my recipe of a little slice of summer, and hopes that you'll get to enjoy a refreshing respite from the heat. *clink*

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