The Sore Back Scare

Friday, July 10, 2009

On Friday when I came home, Guapo was lethargic, sad, and overall NOT his regular self. I was worried and afraid of the outcome. He's 8 years old and so far has not had any back problems. I knew this day was coming and yet, I found myself not prepared to handle it. My emotional bank was in dangerous jeopardy of being overdrafted. Yet, there I sat, praying, hoping, and afraid of what our lives would be like without our beloved Guapo. A woman sitting in the waiting room had broken down. I later learned that they had to put her little one down despite their best efforts. I offered up a prayer to comfort her and soothe her. Now, I really wish I would've gotten up to give her a hug, because I think she needed it.

Anyway, after nearly three hours, we got in to see the vet and he said that the liquid between the vertebrae had become inflamed. He recommended that he stay confined to his crate for a minimum of two weeks and take an anti-inflammatory twice a day. After that, he's to see his regular vet for x-rays and a follow-up visit. When we return from vacation, he will be making a visit and I'll keep you posted.
While we were waiting, the light from the sunset fell through the glass so perfectly that I had to snap a photo of Mari-Jul. Isn't she precious in this?

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