4th of July

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Hot summer night indeed.

The humid air enveloped my entire body, it didn't matter how much hair product I wore, I was going to have a mess of curls atop my head and that would be that. These days, I don't mind my hot mess of hair because I'm in good company with Mari.

We awoke for the day a little later than usual, grateful for a more decent night of sleep. I still didn't have my fill, but had more than 5 hours and that made me happy. Later on in the day, there was a Jackson 5 movie on VH1 that aided me in a near 3 hour siesta. I'd dreamt that I was jumping so high, I could graze my head on the ceiling and pause, gripping the popcorn ceiling with my outermost joints. Even in my dreams I'm getting stronger! I hadn't "jumped" in my dreams like that since before Mari was born and this was just a beginning. Some people dream of flying, I dream of jumping, similar to Neo in The Matrix. Anyway, there I was being all Spiderwoman in my dream, hiding from Don, when he walked in and non-chalantly dismissed my vertical, simultaneously scolding me for such trickery because I was bound to hurt myself. He was right, I was certain to hurt myself more than be a jokester, so I casually released myself and landed with a thud. It was enough that it pulled me out of my dreamstate and I awoke with such a tremendous thirst and an overall soreness. I was grumpy, but as soon as I got my bearings, I realized that it was the 4th of July and we didn't have sparklers!

Whenever Mari came out of her 4 hour nap, we all got dressed and headed North in search of sparklers. It is beyond me why I can't buy sparklers at a regular place. Furthermore, with the urban development and population growth, we had to drive much, much farther out to pick up my beloved sparklers. We actually drove an extra 6 exits because I saw advertisements for fresh peaches, strawberries, and melons. You can imagine my disappointment that the little stand was closed. SERIOUSLY! Even Mari was upset because she was screaming bloody murder for the final 4 exits. I bought the packets of sparklers and longed for a slight breeze that didn't involve mass quantities of cigarette smoke. It always amazes me the sheer number of smokers you will find in close proximity to a fireworks stand. LOL!

I digress, on our way home, we stopped by Market Street to pick up some essentials for the evening's feast. Primo was headed over with some delectable sea bass and tenderloin. Because nothing says wholesome American meal like tenderloin, sea bass, and asparagus. We did, however, have an amazing 3 cheese macaroni that was incredible! No peach cobbler, but I did inhale a couple of strawberry cupcakes and chicken tomatillo enchiladas. yumMY!

Anyway, we loaded up our plates, grabbed a Malbec and walked a quarter mile to the parking lot at the end of the street to witness bright, sparkly BOOM, BOOM, BOOMs in the sky. We saw four different displays and played with our very own sparklers in between.

Mari is a fan of sparklers, and an even bigger fan of fireworks. She runs around dancing, squealing Ooohs and AAAaahs of delight. It is so cute! Anyway, the 4th came and left us and once again I was excited to witness everything despite the heat. I love fireworks and any time I get a chance to see them, I'm all about it! Hope you had an amazing 4th!

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